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Friday, April 9, 2010

NC was not all that it was supposed to be!!!

I was so looking forward to my visit to NC. Being able to see my cousin Marleen. Being able to spend time with my Gram and all my cousins and aunts and uncles that live down there. At first it was good. We got to go to a bbq at my cousin Frankie's house and got to see everyone then. But then after that, we never got to see anyone else the whole time we were down there. They all had to work and had their own lives to live. SO it was kind of boring there. We did get the chance to go to the park and hang out with my cousin Bobby's kids for the day. I think me and Marleen made their day very special that day.
Most of the week there, it was so DAM HOT!!! I could not believe how hot it got so fast. It was in the 90's all week and it is only the first week of April. And to top it all off, the pollen in the air was OUTRAGEOUS!!!! It was so thick and crazy. My cousin Marleen has allergies so bad to the pollen and many times while we were down there, she could not breath. And to make matters worse, were we were visiting, they didn't even want to turn the AC on. SO if you can imagine, hot, humid, 90* weather, pollen flying like crazy and no AC. It was miserable.
I stayed at My Gram's house the whole week long and Let me tell you, I love her to death but I could not wait to leave there. She doesn't get the chance to have company too often so when she does, it like we get the life sucked right out of us. She needs so much done around the house because she can't do it all by herself and so she always had me doing something or other. And I was supposed to be on vacation. Not there to work the whole time. But I got over it. I came home on Thursday, a day earlier then I was expected to, but I just had to get away from it all. There was just way too much DRAMA there. And so much Negativity. I really am upset that my Cousin Marleen could not come here with me. I really hope she is ok and does what she feels is right in her heart. I just want her to know that I LOVE her with my whole heart and I will always be there for her if she needs me.
I do not think I will be going back to NC any time soon. If I do, it will only be for like 3 or 4 days not a whole week. It was way too long. And I miss my boys and Sam way too much.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello From NC!!!!

I am having such a Great time here in NC. I am here visiting my whole Family. Staying here with my Gram. I have been planning this forever!!! I am so glad I had the chance to get down here. My cousin Marleen is here with me too. I am getting to see all my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins that live down here. I love it down here. I don't get the chance to come down here that often but when I do, I make the most out of my time here.
Tonight we are all going over to my cousin Frankie's house for a BBQ!! That is going to be fun. I have not seen everyone in a long time. This week is going to be great being able to see everyone.
Well I am getting off of here.