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Friday, May 29, 2009

Ready to see the NEW ME?????

Ok So this past Monday was my 10 month anniversary of doing my surgery. So like I have been doing all along, I am going to show you the NEW ME!!!!!! 10 months later and 122 lbs lighter.


Where did the week go???

Man I can not believe it has been almost a whole week since I have posted on here. And I didn't even have any meetings or anything this week. What happened??? LOL.

Anyway, the boys only have 1 more week of school left. They get out next Friday and they are so excited about it. They came home from school today and said "yeah it is the weekend, and we only have 1 more week of school left" So next Friday my boys will be out of school for the whole summer. And what a summer it is going to be. I have to work summer school, which is totally ok with me because that is extra money. We have 3 weddings to go to this summer, one is next weekend. Sam and Tyler's birthday is in June, so we will be having a big bday party for them. I am going to San Diego in 30 DAYS!!! We are planning on taking the boys camping for a long weekend on weekend this summer. Other then that, We will take one day at a time. With not any money we won't be able to do too much anyway.

SO I brought my little boy home from school the other day. My little boy from school that I take home sometimes. His Grandmother, who has custody of him, had an appointment and Grandad had to work so no one would of been home to take him off the bus. So I met the bus at his house and then brought him here to my house for a few hours. We had so much fun. We made spaghetti for dinner which that is one of his favorite meals. We played with the toys in the boys room and we had a good time.

I still need to put pictures of me on here. I am slacking big time. I got the pictures, they are in my camera, I just have to unload them onto here. I will do it and make it it's own post right after I finish writing this one ok.

Tomorrow I am having a pampered chef party if anyone would like to come to it. It will be at my friend Doris's house. She just has way more room then I do here. So we are combining our friends and having a party together. It should be a lot of fun. I love pampered chef but I have never had a party. Had tons of other type of parties, but not pampered chef. So if anyone wants to order anything let me know. ok

Ok this weekend is RACE WEEKEND HERE IS DOVER!!!! We locals Dover residents like to HIDE when it is RACE WEEKEND!!!! The only plans I have is the pampered chef party which I know all the back roads so I can stay away from the Highway. And on Sunday, we are all going to our friends house for a bbq and hang out with them. Which they live just around the corner about 2 miles. So that is not bad at all. Back Roads again. I did my little bit of grocery shopping that I had to do so that I didn't have to go into any stores or anything this weekend. CUS it is CRAZY here in Dover during Race Weekend. If you have never experienced it, you all should come visit Me some times.

Ok enough for now. Gotta go. I am going to put my pictures on here so I can post updates of me. It has been 10 months after all. I need to show you all the NEW ME!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday's Newsflash--On Monday!!!!!!

Oh My Gosh, it is Monday and I did not do my Sunday's Newsflash, What am I going to do? LOL!!!!
Hi everyone I have had a very busy weekend, but relaxing weekend. I never even turned my computer on yesterday. I just did not want to. Friday night, we went to a friend of mine son's birthday party. Saturday I actually spend 5 hours and went Yard Saleing. IT was so much fun. But I was exhausted. I went with one of friend's mom all day. We started off at 7:00 am. It felt like we were gone all dam day. It got really hot. But we got some really good deals. I can't remember what the heck I bought. But I only spent $16.00 for the whole day. Not bad at all. Then when we got done with the yard sales, I came home and took a nap. Then I went Grocery shopping. Never ending task of grocery shopping. You know that is one thing I can't stand to do, it is too expensive and time consuming, especially since I only go when ever I get paid so it comes out to like $200-250 every two weeks. So it is a lot all at once. In between I pick up things that I may need but mostly I only go every two weeks. So it is a massive chore for me that I hate doing. Then I came home on Saturday night, put the groceries away, made dinner, did laundry and started reading a new book that I got from the yard sale. It is a good book set in Venice so I am learning Italian as I am reading (yeah right--I can't pronounce any of it) but some of the words are in Italian and they give you the English translation too. It is a good story so far.
Sunday, which was supposed to be my day to post all about my news on here, I just cleaned the whole house. Finished the laundry, mopped the floor, vacuumed, dusted, just cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. It felt like forever. But the boys all helped and we got done everything that I wanted to get done. Then I took a shower and read more of my book. I just did not want to put the computer on. Then my friend Donna, that I went to NY with during Easter, and her parents, who are down for a week, came over for dinner and to hang out and play games. It was a lot of fun. I have not seen her parents in a few weeks so we had a good time. It was her son's bday that I went to on Friday, but his real bday was yesterday so she brought a cake and we sang again to him. I made some killer baked chicken, some rice-a-roni, a nice fresh fruit salad, and some cut up veggies. It was really good.
So this morning, we are off of work and school. No plans for today at all. The house is clean, the laundry is done, I am making tacos for dinner, no one is coming over and we are just chilling out all day. Not going anywhere. I just need to relax. I am on here for a while catching up on stuff and posting about my life and that is all about I have to do. I am going to read more of my book and that is about all. Nice calm, relaxed, chilled day. No agenda, no appointments, no work, no nothing.
Yesterday being Sunday, I did weigh in and I stayed the same as I was last week. No difference at all. Not down or up so that is not bad. I am still doing fantastic. Lost 122 lbs. Feeling wonderful, looking Great, Doing Fabulous. So that is my weight loss up date. Today is my 10 month anniversary of my surgery so I have to put pictures on here. I will in a separate post because this one is like a book as it is. So look for updated pictures of me in the next day or two.
I don't know if you all know, but Sam's hours have now been changed to day shift. He was on nights but the company he works for is not doing so well so they eliminated night shift and put everyone on days to try and save money. SO he is home more now and I am able to see him more, not so sure that is good or bad, LOL. No it is ok :) But since I don't have any appointments or meetings all week, I can make some real dinners again. I really like to cook and when it was jut me and the boys I didn't want to cook all that much, besides the boys are picky and probably wouldn't eat anything anyway. So this week I am going to cook dinner all week. I am excited about that.
Well I better get off of here before this post takes up my entire page of my blog!!! Have a great Memorial Day off, Beginning of Summer, and have a GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

American Idol

Ok so when American Idol started I said I love that show and I would keep my blog updated on what was going on on American Idol. Well I did a poor job at keeping people informed at what was going on with American Idol. But if you are as a big of a fan as I am, you know what was going on with American Idol. Well I must tell you, I am a HUGE Adam Lambert fan!!!!! Isn't he amazing? He can make a song and turn it into his own in ways that no one has ever done. It is remarkable. He is truly talented. I was very disappointed that he did not win. So I think even though he did not "win" he is going to be exactly like Clay Aiken, who came in second place a few seasons ago. He had more of a career then Ruben did who actually won that season. So I am not worried about hearing more from Adam. It is just a matter of time. He is going to go a long way and he deserves it, cus he is fantastic.

I also like Alison too. She is really really good and she is only like 16 or 17 years old. She is going to have a career too. She is amazing. I really like her. My opinion on Chris was that yea, he was good. He can sing and he does a great job. But I don't think he should have won. I don't think he thought he should of won either. I think he was in a lot of shock too. But he is a great singer too. I just feel that Adam got the short end of the stick. But he will do wonderful and I can't wait to hear more from him.

So all my other American Idol fans out there, what do you think? It has been the topic of conversation all around for days. So I thought I would talk about it here too. LOL.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Morning!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!! It is Wednesday morning and I am up and awake and alive. I have had so much going on this week that I have not had the chance to get on the computer much. SO I had some things that I had to do this morning so I got up a little early and got on my computer today. SO I thought I would just say Good morning to everyone. I hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday. Happy Hump Day~~we are almost done with our week.
I had a meeting last night about all the arrangements and things that we are going to be doing in San Diego so I was pumped last night. We are almost there. I got my plane tickets, hotel reservations, did some research about San Diego and I am so excited to be going. I am saving all my pennies so I can have a little fun while I am there (if time allows). This is a business trip after all.
So anyway, Good Morning. Have a Wonderful Day!!!! I will, cus I don't have a meeting tonight or anything. It got canceled. So I get to come straight home and STAY home. Which is very rare for me. So I am excited today. AND THE SUN IS OUT AND IT'S NICE OUT TODAY.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Check it out!!!!!

I am on You Tube. I don't know how to put the actual video on here but here is the link to me being on You Tube.

We had a State Wide Rally the other night discussing all the pay cuts that the Governor of Delaware is proposing. They went around and asked people what an 8% cut would mean to them. So check out my reaction to the 8% salary cut on You Tube.

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!

HELLO!!!! First I have to say I am sorry, I have not had the chance to get on here much at all this week. BUT I know you are all waiting to hear from me on Sunday. SO IT IS SUNDAY, and like always, I am on here today.

So It is my weigh in day today and I have lost another 1.5 lbs. SO my total weight loss is now up to 121.5 lbs. Still doing fantastic!!! Feeling Wonderful!!!!

I didn't get picked for the NEA Training that I applied for :( I am bummed but maybe next year. I am (however) the first alternative if someone can not make it, I will be in automatically. Maybe I didn't have something they were looking for or maybe I was too qualified for what they are looking for. Either way, it was not meant to be so I am not going. Well there is always next year and I am going to apply for it again next year.

In the mean time *****SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA----HERE I COME******* I am so excited. I am leaving in about 6 weeks to go to San Diego. I will be with one of my very very best friends, Margaret, she is going with me too. We are going for the National Education Representative Assembly. We will be with about 10,000 other people. It is going to be amazing!! We got our plane tickets yesterday and we got our hotel reservations. We are going to be out there for a whole week. We leave on June 30 and come home on July 7th. I am so excited. NEVER EVER Been out of the East coast. Looking forward to it---you just don't even know.

Now on a very sad note---I am so pissed off, aggravated, mad, you name it. I am not a happy mommy today. My son Tyler, if you know him you know what I mean. Tyler has ADHD very Hyper, can not control himself. Anyway, he relies on medicine to help control his impulsively and hyper activeness and focus and all that. Well he takes his medicine every single day. I get it out for him. We keep it in the same spot every day. WELL this morning, I got up to get his medicine and the WHOLE Bottle of pills are GONE. WE SEARCHED the whole house, even looked in the last 2 days of the trash. Well, we have come to the conclusion that someone Took them. We had a relative of ours that has a serious drug problem, we have not seen them in a long time, that person showed up yesterday, visited for just about 1 hour and then left. We were all hanging out, chilling, and didn't think anything of it. We know this person has a drug problem but this person seemed fine yesterday. Well we have come to the conclusion that this relative took the whole bottle of Tyler's pills. For as long as they have been in the same spot and as long as Tyler has been taking them, this person knew or had an agenda when they came into our house. The good thing is, THAT IS THE ONLY Thing they took!!! Thank God. I don't want them in our house any more. I called the pharmacy, the doctor, and the insurance. Because it is a controlled substance, I have to go to the doctor and get another written Rx and the insurance is going to allow me to get it again. I will take care of that tomorrow. But in the mean time, Tyler is not going to school tomorrow. For his own sake and the teacher's sake, I can not send him to school without his medicine it will not be right for him or others around him. Tyler has had ADHD all his life and I am a firm believer that some kids need medicine in order to control the imbalance in their brain. HE is clearly a classic Hyper Active Child. And I can not do that to him tomorrow and expect him to focus and function in school.

So anyway, that has been our day so far today. It is raining out all day so we have not gone anywhere. I am doing laundry, cleaning, the usual Sunday stuff.

This week is another very very busy week for me. I have something going on Every single day after school this week. But you know I like to stay busy. I will catch you all up on my happenings in life soon.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!

Wow It has been a whole week since I have posted anything on here. I didn't even realize that!!!! Sorry I have been so busy this week that I barely got the chance to even get on the computer at all this week. I had a meeting or appointment or something going on every single day after work this past week. So I have been very busy.

First of all I would like to take this time to say

So this week that has just past, I went to a STATE WIDE RALLY in OPPOSITION of the proposed 8% salary cut that the Governor of Delaware is proposing. See our State of Delaware is such economic hardship that the Governor is trying any and every way he can to try and make up for such a high deficit, that he has come up with a proposal of cutting EVERY state employee's salary by 8%. WELL us state employees are NOT TOO HAPPY about that. IT is not our problem that got the state into this mess, IT should not be us that has to FIX that problem. There are a ton of other ways to increase revenue in the state of Delaware then to cut the employee's salaries. So the state union workers organized a State Wide Rally in front of the Legislative Hall this past Wednesday. There were over 2,000 people there. It was amazing. Hopefully with this and the many other things we are doing across the state, it will show the governor that we are not too happy with this proposal and to come up with another alternative as to come up with the money to help our state out. THIS IS CRAZY!!!! I tell you the truth, if I have to take an 8% salary cut, I will be on Food Stamps, Welfare, and Medicaid and that will make the state in worse shape then it is right now because many of us will be in the same boat and it will cost the state even more money. So that is just one thing I have been doing all this week.
I have been busy with meetings. It is the end of another school year, we only have 4 more weeks till school is out for the summer. Of course, I WORK SUMMER SCHOOL. But still it is the end of another school year for everyone. And the kids are getting excited to be on summer vacation. So far we do not have any plans per say to go on a summer vacation but maybe just like day trips here and there this summer. I am "Pool Sitting" and "House Sitting" for a few of my friends this summer while their families go on vacation so we will have plenty opportunity to go swimming this summer, which is one of my kids FAVORITE things to do.
I have NOT heard yet if I have been chosen for that NEA Training I put in for. IT is a training where they only pick 20 people from the whole COUNTRY. I have not heard yet and I am waiting anxiously. As soon as I know, I will let everyone know. CUS you know I will be very excited about the whole thing.
I leave in 7 weeks to go to San Diego California. I am SO EXCITED about that one. I am going along with about 30 other people from Delaware to the National Education Association Representative Assembly. It is an Assembly of about 15,000 people all in the same room at the same time voting on things that pertain to education across the Nation. And it is an experience to Remember for a lifetime. It is truly an AMAZING Experience. I can't wait.
So today is Sunday and as you know it is also my weigh in Day. SO yes I did weigh in today and I have lost another 2 lbs. SO that brings my total Weight LOSS up to 120 lbs.
YES I SAID 120 LBS!!!!!! Can you believe that????? It has been 9 months since my surgery and I FEEL INCREDIBLE, I feel Amazing, I feel Wonderful, I just FEEL!!!!!!!! I am so Happy it is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Thank you to EVERYONE for your support and encouragement.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I have become somewhat of a PARTY ANIMAL. I don't know what it is, but I have been going OUT A LOT lately. I don't drink but I have been going to different places with lots of my friends hanging out, partying, dancing, just chilling. Last night I went to a friend's college graduation party. The night before that, I went to my friend's bridal shower party. Last weekend, I went out both Friday and Saturday night to different parties. Next weekend. I have a party to go to on Friday night, and I have a wedding to go to on Saturday. And that is just this past two weeks and weeks to come. I have been definitely exploring the world lately and I think it is because I feel so much better about myself and I am so much more Happier with myself that I just want to be with my friends and Have Fun. My kids say that I am reliving my Teenage Years all over again. (They don't know the half of what I did as a Teenager) LOL!!!!
Well, before I write a book, I better get off of here for now. I will post more on this week as the week goes by. I hope not to make it a Whole nother week before I post on here again. BUT, If it happens to be that way, I promise I will post on SUNDAY again definitely.
SO until my next post----

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!

I can not believe it is Sunday already. I actually got to blog on here two days in a row and then I was not able to post anymore on here since then. I have been very busy. The state of Delaware is in a big financial crisis just like many other states in the United States and I have been busy doing my share to help in our Unified Efforts to show opposition in the Proposed 8% salary cut. So I have been busy lately, but you know I like to stay busy. LOL.

So you know it is my weigh in day today and last week I lost 6 lbs, which was a lot for just one week. Well this week, I stayed the same as I did last week. Which is quite ok because 6lbs in one week is a lot. So my total weight loss is still at 118 lbs. I feel Fantastic, I feel Amazing, I have more Energy then I have ever had and I feel wonderful. Thanks for every one's support.

So as you may or may not know it has been 9 months since I have had my surgery. And each month I post pictures of my progress on here. Well it was nine months last week and I have been very busy with update my pictures so here I am now (finally). This is me at nine months after surgery. 118 lbs lost.

And here I was in the very beginning when I first started this new Journey. WOW What a difference. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????? I FEEL FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!