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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Away this Weekend!!!!

I am posting today to tell everyone that I am going away this weekend to a Conference in Rehoboth Beach all weekend long. I am so excited. I will be leaving right after work tomorrow and won't be back until late Sunday afternoon. So I won't be able to post anything on here all weekend.
When I get back, I will have a ton of things to post about. I will still be working on changing my background. It is still messed up somehow. I have hit my 7 month anniversary of my surgery, so I have to put more pictures on here of me. I will update my weight loss. And tell all about my weekend. So I will have lots to talk about.
But Today I am going to talk about ME~~~~~TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY~~~~~. I WAS SO HAPPY AT WORK TODAY. Whenever it is any one's birthday we order lunch out and have lunch together at work. The b-day person gets to pick the lunch, the place and everything. So I picked the place Kimi works at. It is a pizza, sub, steaks, type of thing. I ordered a chef salad. Anyway, one of the reasons I ordered from there is because the delivery guy Benjamin is so cute. I think he is hot. Kimi told him before that I think he is cute. So Today we ordered from there and I asked that Benjamin deliver it cus it is my birthday and I wanted to see him. Well Kimi tell hims that it is my birthday. Well when he got there with the order, HE BROUGHT ME FLOWERS FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND GAVE ME A GREAT BIG HUG!!!!!! I was in so much shock. I could not believe he did that. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever done. I was on cloud nine all day long. I asked Kimi if she put him up to it, and she said she had NOTHING to do with it at all. She just told him to deliver it because it was my B-day and I wanted to see his smiling face. He did that on his own. HOW SWEET WAS THAT????? The girls at work were bagging on me the rest of the afternoon, saying that I have a secret admirer, and what is Sam going to say. All kinds of things like that. I was just very very flattered that he did that for me. I didn't think anything else about it. I am still smiling.
So that was my Birthday. One I will NEVER EVER forget for a long long time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do I like this? Do you like this??

I am changing my layout of my blog page. I don't know if I like it or not. I don't know how to get rid of the "cutest blog" thingy that comes on top of the titles of each of my posts. I think I have ruined my blog. Well I will work on it more and see if I can come up with a design that I like.

So what do you think?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!

102 lbs!!!! Can you say 102 lbs??? THAT is how much I have lost so far. It is Sunday and it is my weigh in day. And I have now lost 102 lbs!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????? I am so excited. I cheated and weighed myself on Friday this week too because I was so close to 100 lbs that I wanted to see where I was. And I am at 102 lbs lost. On Wednesday of this week it will be my 7 month anniversary of doing the surgery and I will again post pictures of myself on here for all to see. ON Thursday this week, It is my BIRTHDAY. I am so excited. I will be 39 years old. And I have never ever felt better about myself than I do today and this year.
I feel *A*M*A*Z*I*N*G*!!!! I have so much energy, I am truly happy like I have never been happier before, I can move around a whole lot better then I have ever moved before. I am just truly happy. Thanks for every one's support and encouragement.

So Yesterday we had to buy a new refrigerator. Ours was dead really dead. We lost so much food it was not even funny. I was putting the milk in the freezer part and it was barely cold enough in there either. So Sam and I took a ride to Wilmington yesterday and found the Sears Outlet Warehouse. They have all kinds of appliances, tvs, tools, you name it they have it. IT is where like clearance stuff, scratch, and dented, or different colors that don't match what people wanted. Anyway so we found a 25 cu. ft. refrigerator that was listed for $1399.99 and we paid $720.00 for it. It was great!! It is so big and the only thing it has on it is a little scratch on the side of it that we can't even see because it is against the wall. It is brand new, we have the manufacturers warranty for 2 years on it. It is a side/side, w/ ice/water thing on the door. It has so many more shelves that the other one had in it. It is really cool. NOT that we were planning on buying a new refrigerator any time soon but we HAD to so we used more than half of our taxes to get it. Thank God we got a refund this year and we got it already. The rest of the money will be going to pay bills. So today I also went grocery shopping and spent a ton of money there, because we needed EVERYTHING that would go in the fridge and freezer, cus we lost EVERYTHING. It was like we had to start all over again with food. Ketchup, mayo, bbq sauce, syrup, mustard, etc. things you don't buy every time you go to the store, we had to buy it ALL all over again. Thank God we had our taxes back again for this shopping trip.

So right now I am making dinner, doing laundry, and playing around on the computer. I have only one appt next week, no meetings, and three of my friends are taking me either to lunch or dinner on different days this week to celebrate my birthday. So that should be really fun. I am looking forward to that. Friday night one of my friends and I went out to dinner and then we went to Dover Downs and she gave me some "gambling money" to play on for my birthday, it was a lot of fun, I didn't win anything but we had a great time. She won like $500, how cool was that for her. I was really happy for her. She had a great time. I will post more about my week as it goes by, I hope it is not as busy as last week was and I hope I can chill and relax this week more than I was able to last week.

Everyone enjoy their week!!!! Love you all!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it Wednesday Already???

Man you can tell I have been busy. I just realized that tomorrow is Thursday already. I have been so busy this week with meetings and things going on that I just realized how fast this week has gone by.
WELL Guess what???? Now We NEED a new Refrigerator. OURS is dead. I have to put everything that is supposed to be in the fridge part into the freezer just to keep it cold enough. The freezer part does not freeze at all. I have the freezer stuff in the chest freezer I have. Thank God I have that right. I lost over a gallon of milk today, a whole thing of butter/margarine stuff, some cheese, mayo, and some other things in the fridge that is supposed to stay cold. We cleaned it the other day, behind it, underneath it, all around it so that we got rid of the dust and stuff built up under it. Well that didn't help one dam bit. It is getting worse. SSSSOOO Thank God we are expecting a little bit of a Tax Refund. Not much, just like $1200. Well, now more than half of that has to go to a dam refrigerator. I wanted to catch up on some bills and put some into savings. So much for that happening now. So the taxes are supposed to be directly deposited into my account this week Friday. So on Saturday, Sam and I are going to take a ride up to Wilmington, they have a Sears "Scratch & Dent" Warehouse. My friend told me about it and they have really good deals. It is stuff they can't sell in the store because some how it is scratched or dented or the wrong color or whatever. I hope we can get a good deal because you can't live without a fridge.
Last month is was my washer, now my refrigerator. What is going to happen next? If it ain't one thing it is another. Just when you think you can get caught up and get ahead of yourself something always happens.

So that is what has been going on with me. Tomorrow another meeting, Friday meeting all day, not going to work. And then the weekend. Thank God it will be the weekend again so I can just chill out and relax. I knew this was going to be an extremely busy week for me and Thank God it is almost over. LOL......

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday's News Flash!!!!

SO it is Sunday again. IT is Cody's Birthday today. He is 13 years old. We are going to have a "hang out" today with some friends and family. They should all be getting here about 3. We are going to have pizza, cake, ice cream, and junk. Stuff that is normal at birthday parties. Two of their friends are spending the night tonight because they don't have school tomorrow and their parents have to work. So they asked me if they can spend the night and they will take Cody and Tyler over night next weekend. Sounds like a good trade off to me. So today we will have a fun time. I wish it was warmer outside today to send all the kids outside but it only like 40* and it pretty windy. So they will be inside all day. That's what kids birthday parties are all about.

It is also my weigh in day today. I did my weight this morning and I have now lost
****97**** lbs I FEEL F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C* Doing wonderful. I think I will reach my personal goal to loose 100 lbs by my birthday which is February 26th. I will be 39 years old. ALMOST 40!!!! LOL!!!!!

~~~~Everyone have a wonderful Sunday & Enjoy your week ahead~~~~

Friday, February 13, 2009

TGIF, Happy V-Day, & Happy B-Day!!!

So it is another weekend. Yeah. I am very happy today. We had a very big Valentines party at school today. These kids were all sugared up. Man they had so many cupcakes, cookies, and junk we could have fed the WHOLE school. But we had fun. We played games, gave out the valentines cards, had a pizza party, and then danced. It was very fun but I was so tired when we got done with our day. So thank God it is Friday so we could recoup and rest up for Tuesday. We are off Monday for Presidents Day. So after work, I went to the grocery store and now I am home for the weekend. I don't have plans on going out at all if I don't have to.
Tomorrow is Valentines Day---Happy Valentine's Day EVERYONE!!!! We have no plans at all. We stopped giving each other things years ago. We don't buy anything for each other for V-Day at all. It is just too commercialized and we just don't get into all that candy, chocolate, balloons, cards, etc. And I don't wear jewelry. So we just stopped all that stuff. So we have no plans, we are just going to spend time together. My sister Lynn is coming in town for the weekend so she will be here with her son Christopher. So that should be fun.

AND Cody's Birthday is Sunday!! So we are having a b-day party for him on Sunday. He is 13 now can you believe it. He doesn't really want a "party" he said he is too big for "parties" he wants friends to come "hang out" and have ice cream and cake. LOL. Same thing Cody!!! But I won't spoil it for him. So we are having that with pizza on Sunday, we invited like 4 of his friends and a couple of my friends who have kids to come over and "hang out" and have pizza, cake, and ice cream. He only wants this one particular video game for his bday and it is like $50-60 I will not spend that much on one game. He will get a Gift Card to walmart towards that but not that. I know he is getting older and things start costing more when they get older, but times are tough right now and I just can't do it. So he will be alright with whatever we get him. He is just excited to be a "TEENAGER" now. OH MY GOSH, I HAVE THREE TEENAGERS IN MY HOUSE NOW. Kimi, Sam and now Cody. DAM I am getting old. LOL.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm better and very busy!

Well, thank God my ear is getting better. I was a little scared there for a little while. I was given a shot in the office and now I am taking these pills for 5 days. It is a pill that is supposed to calm my nerves down so that the nerve that is damaged behind my ear and relax and go back down to normal. It has helped a little. I don't have as much pain as I did when it first started. And the ringing and air that I was hearing has gone down some, it is still there but now nearly as much as it was when it first started. I did hear back from the ENT to set an appointment and they said their first available is not until March 24th. Thank God it is not an emergency. Man doctors are so hard to get into these days. Anyway, as far as I can tell I don't think there is going to be permanent damage. I can still hear out of it fine. I think the nerve is calming down and I think I will be back to normal by next week. So that is an update on my ear. I feel better. Thank God.

Now onto my life as the President of Capital Paras. Man am I earning my little bit of pay I get for being the President of the Capital Paras. I have had meetings four days this week, two of them were tonight alone. And I HAVE a meeting EVERY SINGLE Day next week. Every day after work I have something going on. I know I mentioned in here a few months back that we are negotiating with the district for our new contract. Well it has finally come to an end and now we have to go through a lot of different steps to get it accepted, approved, and voted on. So that is what is going on now. And of course, I am right in the middle of the mix, or shall I say I am right in the master seat on this project. But I am glad it is over, it was hard work and I think all of the members who I represent will be pleased with the results.

Then it will be time to celebrate and relax until next time. This is only a two year contract and we are almost over with the first year of it already. LOL. So as soon as we get this one going it will be time to go at it again sooner then we think.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I have a Boo-Boo!! & It hurts!!!

So like I said on here yesterday or the day before, we went to the Movies. Well since that afternoon, my EAR has been KILLING me. I have been hearing "air" and "ringing" in it. I have been in a LOT of Pain. I have been like "off balance". I am just not having a good time with my EAR. I hate it. So this morning, I called the doctor and they said come in after school. SO I get there expecting like an ear drum popped or like infected or something like that.
NO---I HAVE NERVE DAMAGE!!! YEAH that's what I said, WHAT?? What does that mean? I told him about the movie being so LOUD. He said it was so loud that it damaged my nerves behind my ear. Thank God it is only one side. He doesn't know right now if it is permanent. He also is concerned about Hearing Loss. He has me going to an ENT specialist. So I have to call the ENT tomorrow and make an appointment with them. The doctor gave me a Shot right there in the office. It was like cortisone. He said it was an anti-inflammatory thing to help settle my nerves and hopefully gets to the one behind the ear because it REALLY hurts. THIS kind of scares me. I have never had Ear problems before. And I don't like it. It is such a small area to mess with and I don't want it to get worse.
So I do not know if this is serious, it could be just temporary, it could just be "shaken up" and once it settles down it will all be back to normal. HOPEFULLY!!!
WE shall see. I will keep you all posted!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday's Newflash!!!!

Wow it is so quiet in here. I woke up early because I had a LOT of things on my mind and I could not sleep anymore. I was up by 7:30 on a Sunday morning that is very rare. I like to sleep in at least once in awhile. I am usually up by 9 anyway on Sunday. So today I woke up early and it is now 8:30 and no one is up yet in my house. It is so nice and peaceful.
I did my weigh in and I actually gained 1.2 lbs. I know it is not a lot and I am in no way, shape, or form upset about that. It happens and it is bound to happen every once in awhile. So I have no new number to post about today. I am now back to 94 lbs instead of 95 lbs and I AM NOT COMPLAINING at all. Hell I am so dam excited to have lost that much already. I know I didn't exercise this week like I have been. I have been doing my treadmill 4 times a week, lifting weights 3 times a week, and swimming at school 2 days a week. SO I have been doing a ton of exercise, but I didn't get it all in this week because I have been very busy. Plus stressed out about money. So next week it will be better.

So Sam and I went out last night to a movie and dinner. IT was very very nice. We went to the early showing of the movies then to dinner. We saw the new movie that just came out called "Push" it has Dakota Fanning and some guy I don't know in it. It was an OK movie for me. I don't do action/adventure/fighting kind of movies. But he wanted to see it and I like Dakota Fanning so we compromised. I found it a hard movie to follow. You had to keep up with it at all times just to know what the heck was going on. Sam really liked it. It was full of special effects, action, adventure, and fighting. The characters in the movie had "Powers" so he was all into it. I did manage to stay awake though I thought I would fall asleep. But the movie was so dam LOUD in some parts that if I did fall asleep it would of scared the shit out of me. So after the movies we went to dinner at Applebees. It was so nice. We ordered one dinner and an appetizer and split it all. We ended up taking most of it home with us cus he was so full from the popcorn and m&m's at the movies that he didn't eat much either. So we have lunch for today. SO a night out together, movies, dinner and quality time together and it didn't cost us ANYTHING!! Even the popcorn, m&m's and drink at the movies were paid for from our gift certificate. Wish we could do that more often. We had a great time, we didn't talk about any problems or issues we were having. We just enjoyed ourselves and relaxed. Of course, in the mall, the movies, and at Applebees I saw some people I know and they came up to me to hug and talk and Sam was like DAM we can not go anywhere without you knowing someone. He said it is like being with the mayor or the president. What can I say, I am a lovable person who knows LOTS AND LOTS of people. LOL!!!! :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feeling Blah Today!!!!

I know it is the weekend and we should all be feeling good to have a couple days off of work. But today I am feeling really blah. I had a very stressful day at work yesterday. Staff mostly, they can be a pain. Working with women all day, everyday, can be catty. It gets old after a while. I just wanted to take some of the kids and go off to a room by myself. BUT anyway, I couldn't do that. But thank God it was Friday and I can have a couple days without all the other ladies in my job. Don't get me wrong, I love these people, but sometimes, every day and every week seeing the same people, being that close to them it gets to be too much.
So besides that, I woke up this morning having some really bad dreams. I had a dream that we LOST EVERYTHING we have. Our house, van, truck, items in the house, we LOST it all. We are struggling so bad with money right now, I have bill collectors calling me day in and day out. I don't know which way is up right now. I don't know how we are going to come out of all this. I know, at least Sam and I have a job, but it is just dam expensive right now to live and raise a family. I owe everyone and it just sucks!!!!! We don't qualify for food stamps or other hand outs from the state, that really sucks, because they say we make too much $. We are just the WORKING POOR people of America. I hope and pray Obama can help us out in his term in office.
So that is my feelings today. I think Sam and I are going to go out to dinner and the movie tonight. We got gift certificates for Christmas for Applebees and the Movies and we never used them yet. So we will have a nice night out and not have to pay for it and leave all our money troubles behind for a little while. I think we both just need that, time to get away, spend time together and not talk about money, kids, house, or anything else that is bothering us.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for me. I will post about my weight journey tomorrow. It is my weigh in day tomorrow!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another List~~About You & Your Spouse~~

This is kind of like the other lists out there except they are about you and your spouse! I thought I would play, in honor of LOVE month! Come on, play along - inquiring minds want to know! ;-)

♥ What are your middle names?
Samuel Allen & Patricia Anne

♥ How long have you been together?
Almost 20 years.

♥ How long did you know each other before you started dating?
About 3 months.

♥ Who asked who out?
Neither one of us, it just kind of happened on it's own.

♥ How old are each of you?
Sam just turned 41 a couple days ago and I will be 39 on Feb. 26th.

♥ Whose siblings do did you see the most?
His - they are local.

♥ Do you have any children together?
Yep~~~ Our Three Reid Boys ~~~ Sam, Cody, & Tyler

♥ What about pets?
Yep~~~ A Cat named "Big Kitty" & A Snake named "Tango" & A Turtle named "Tucker"

♥ Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?

♥ Did you go to the same school?
Nope, didn't even know each other then.

♥ Are you from the same home town?
Nope, Not even from the same state.

♥ Who is the smartest?
Well, without sounding too conceited, I am.

♥ Who is the most sensitive?
Definitely me!

♥ Where do you eat out most as a couple?
When we can afford to go out, we go to the Slots have dinner and gamble all in one place.

♥ Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
North Carolina to visit my family.

♥ Who has the craziest exes?
Who knows, we do not keep in contact with exes.

♥ Who has the worst temper?
SAM for sure!!!

♥ Who does the cooking?
I do all of the cooking, it is one of my passions, I love to cook.

♥ Who is more social?
Without a Doubt it is Definitely me!!! Sam is very anti-social.

♥Who is the neat Freak?
Again, Definitely me, I am almost obsessive compulsive about it.

♥ Who is the more stubborn?
I would have to say me, I don't give in too much to and it is my way or no way.

♥ Who hogs the bed?
Neither of us, we are each on our sides, unless we are snuggling.

♥ Who wakes up earlier?
Oh Definitely me. Sam works nights, so he doesn't go to bed until I am about ready to wake up.

♥ Where was your first date?
Outside Sam's apartment, on the hood of the car, having dinner under the stars. Very romantic!

♥ Who has the bigger family?
I do by far, if you count cousins, etc. My family is huge.

♥ Do you get flowers often?
No, not really.

♥ How do you spend the holidays?
With each other.

♥ Who is more jealous?
Neither one of us are jealous at all. I am definitely more of a flirt then he is. But he is not jealous.

♥ How long did it take to get serious?
About 4 months.

♥ Who eats more?
He Definitely does, I can't eat that much anymore at all.

♥ Who does/ did the laundry?
I do ALL the laundry, it is one of my favorite things to do. I know call me crazy.

♥ Who’s better with the computer?
I am. Sam only plays a game on here, he is NEVER on the computer. He is a video gamer.

♥ Who drives when you are together?
I DO ALL of the driving, I CAN NOT STAND to be a passenger in ANY ONE'S car. It is not a good picture. I am a BIG control freak when it comes to driving. Sam hates to drive, so it works out well for us.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Snow Day!!!!

So I live in a state that likes to Panic when they see any trace of snow at all. It was snowing this morning, just a dusting type of thing. So as I was getting up to get ready for work, they call me and say that school will be a 2 hour delay. So I was like Ok, I can go back to bed for like another hour or so. So then when the alarm went off again for me to get up the second time to really go to work, I look outside, it is still snowing, but I can still see the grass. I turn on the tv and they say that Capital School district along with other neighboring school districts are now closed. I was like ok. SO I get up and really look outside. Yes it did snow, but you can still see the grass, you can still see the bottom of the tires on my van, you can still see the street and they closed school for the day. IT stopped snowing by 9 am this morning. THIS State does not like snow at all. They all panic. Everyone runs to the store for everything like we are going to be stranded for weeks. So as I sit here, we are home again for another snow day. A day in which we will have to make up for at the end of the school year. Which means we will be getting out later in June then planned. I was kind of bummed to be home again today, don't get me wrong, I love to hang out at home all day sometimes with a really good book, which that is what I am doing today, but took a little break from it. But I really wanted to go to work. It throws our kids off when they miss too much school. So I say if it is going to snow and we have to be off of school and work, MAKE IT WORTH IT!!! Bring on the snow so we can go outside and play in it. Bring on the snow so it will stay for a while not just cover and go in the same hour. BRING ON THE SNOW!!!! I am ready for more. I am done with this teasing stuff. It is just makes a mess. LOL!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yesterday was Sam's Birthday. I was supposed to get on here and post all about him, but I got so busy with things around the house and I had to watch the "Bachelor" on TV that I never did get on the computer. So my honey turned 41 yesterday. He had to go to work so it was not like we were able to go out to dinner or anything. When he got home from VA on Sunday night, I had dinner waiting for him and a cake. I made one of his favorite dinners, Chicken baked in the oven with mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans. I know, simple, but he really likes baked chicken. Then after dinner, the boys and I sang happy birthday to him and we had the cake, Chocolate-Chocolate.
He loves Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing. TOO much chocolate for me. I don't particularly care for chocolate cake but it was his birthday and I made it for him. So after dinner, we spent some time together with the boys. Kimi was at her boyfriends house watching the super bowl. Then after the boys went to bed, it was my and Sam's time. It was nice, we don't get to spend too much time together because of our works schedules.

So anyway, I wanted to give you all an incite as to how Sam and I met. IT was one of the craziest days I have ever had in my life. But it all turned out to be for the best, because I have Sam now and we have been together for almost 20 years already. This November we will be together for 20 years. Can you believe it. Sam and I met in November of 1989. We met in a very weird way. I was friends with a girl named Marie, she was dating a guy named Rob. Rob and Sam were sharing an apt together. So Marie comes over to my house one night and says to me "what are you doing tonight, do you want to go out?" I said "sure" Well she takes me to Rob and Sam's apartment and she walks in, I walk in behind her. She says to Rob and Sam "Rob, Sam, this is Patti, Patti this is Rob & Sam. Rob let's go?" AND THEN THEY LEFT us. I was like what the hell. I have never met this man before a day in my life. He could have been a serial killer, rapist, a druggie, you name it. They left us for like 3 hours. I remember the very first words Sam said to me was "would you like a pepsi?" It was very awkward to say the least. We were talking and trying to get to know it each other, but it was very uncomfortable for both of us. When they got back I was like don't ever do this to me again and take me home. Well the next day after I got off of work, I FOUND MYSELF DRIVING TO THEIR HOUSE BY MYSELF. Don't ask me why, It was GOD's Plan at the time. The rest is History. We have been together ever since. Funny how things work out sometimes. HUH???
Happy Birthday Honey, I love you!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!

Good Afternoon my friends. Today is Sunday again and it is the day I do my weigh in and post all about my progress. So today, I woke up with out Sam by my side, something that rarely ever happens. He will be home sometime tonight. Tomorrow is HIS BIRTHDAY!! So I will be making a cake here in a little while. He is turning 41. Can you believe it.
So I didn't go to church like I should of. Instead I just hung around the house, cleaning and hanging out. Then I met my BFF Doris and had lunch, then I had to bring Kimi to work at 3.
So besides that I am just hanging around chillin today. Not much else is going on.
SO I did do my weigh in today. I lost 1 lb this week which is still wonderful. So my total now is
95 lbs. Isn't that A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!! I am so excited I am besides myself. I will definitely be able to reach one of my little goals to loose 100 lbs by my birthday, which is February 26th. I don't have a goal per say, I just like to make little goals here and there as the time goes on.
Hope Everyone Had a Wonderful Relaxing Sunday
with all your Family and Friends!!!!