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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Get to know my CODY!!!!!

My "Coders"!!! Cody Charles Reid is 12 years old. He will be 13 in February. He is definitely turning into a Teenager. Oh My GOSH the attitude. Likes to have the last word, likes to argue with everyone, likes to think he KNOWS it all, likes to roll his eyes, I HATE THAT. But once we set him straight, he is back on track. He is going to give me the run for my money (if only we got paid to have children right?).
Anyway, Cody is VERY CREATIVE. He loves to do things with his hands. His favorite things in the whole world is Knex. He can build the most amazing things with Knex. He must have thousands of pieces of Knex. He loves Transformers and Bionicles too. Anything he can manipulate with his hands he will be happy for hours. He is so creative. He is also very gentle with animals. He loves animals. He said he wants to be a Vet when he grows up. I hope he does so he can help animals and make lots of money. Cody's favorite color is RED anything to do with Red. If we let him, he would wear a red shirt every day. I have to get on him sometimes because I am tried of seeing him in red.
Cody is in the seventh grade at Central Middle School. He is not the best at Reading and English but Math and Science. Man he excels with Math and Science. That is his speciality. He has the highest average in the whole school in Math. I don't know how he does it. You can give him something in math and he will figure it out in no time and explain it in HIS way, I have no idea. It is amazing.
Cody is a VERY very picky eater. BUT I have to admit that I created that. He would make himself sick whenever we made him try something he did not want to. We got tired of him "trowing up" at the table so we just gave up and now as a result he is so dam picky there are only like a handful of things he will actually eat. Most of it is Junk. Sam says one day, when he is older and dating, the girls will make him try things and he will then realize what he has been missing out in life. Until then, we deal with it.
One more thing I have to say about Cody and many of you would know this, CODY is Extremely slow. Everything he does he has to analyze it and take forever to do anything. He is always late for everything. But that is just him. Sometimes we have to light a fire under his ass just to get him moving. So unlike Tyler.

So there you have it. My "Coders".

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!!

So today is my weigh in day and I was SO EXCITED this morning. I weighed myself and I have hit one of personal goals. I have now LOST a total of 70 lbs!!!!! Can you believe it? I know I did not have any goals at all. But this one was just a little goal I had for myself. I thought that 70 was a big weight loss and it was so close I knew I would get there soon. So I am excited to share with all of my friends and family that I have now lost 70 lbs and I feel Fantastic.

I did not go to church this morning either. I actually slept in LATE. I could not believe it when I opened my eyes it was 10:53 AM I never sleep in that late. I must of been really tired. Besides it is raining all day and I just spent the day at home. Something I have not done in like 3 weeks. I am always on the run and doing things that today I just decided to stay in the house. I made turkey quesadillas for lunch. I made turkey salad to just have when ever and I am in the process of making turkey and dumplings. Then my turkey will be done. I love turkey but dang, I am kind of tired of it already. I made the turkey on Friday and we have been eating off it most of the weekend. But now it will be done.

I didn't even clean today. I did the dishes, laundry, and then I colored pictures, read a book, and now I am on here. And I am cooking the turkey and dumplings. I am just truly relaxing today.

So there you have my Sunday Newsflash. 70 lbs lost, chilling at home, cooking, and relaxing. NOT a bad day at all if you ask me.
I can not wait till I can change the layout and the header to this blog I am tired of looking at it. But I don't know how to do it. One day I will.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Count Down to Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over, that is when it really feels like it is the count down to Christmas. NOT that I am in the mood for Christmas to come this year. It is just totally too commercial. The ONLY thing I am looking forward to for Christmas this year is going to my sister's house and being with Family. Other then that, Christmas is just not that too exciting to me this year. I think a lot has to do with Money (or lack there of). The fact that we are struggling financially just puts a damper on my Christmas plans. But I told the kids all about it and I told them we will make the best of it. I told them that we will be spending quality time with the family and enjoying the togetherness and that is all that matters. So Next weekend, we will put the Christmas tree and all the decorations up and maybe I will feel a little better about it all.
Other then that. I hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed their family and friends. We had a Fantastic time with Sam's family. Took lots of pictures. When I get the one back of just our family I will post it on here.
Tomorrow I am going to introduce you to one of my other threereidboys, Cody. Until then good night and God Bless.

Thursday, November 27, 2008





Tuesday, November 25, 2008

HERE I AM 4 months later 68lbs lighter!!!!!!!

IT is now four MONTHS since my surgery. I am doing ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Feeling Wonderful, Energized, Lighter, Happier, Glowing. SO it is about time I put some pictures of my progress. READY OR NOT HERE I AM!!!!

And here I was in the beginning. WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!*****!!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have decided to add new pictures of my kids and Sam on here. And as I was adding the pictures, I have decided to do a "get to know you" thing on my kids one at a time. SO Today I am posting about Tyler.

Tyler Daniel Reid is 10 years old. He is Exactly 5 years and 1 day younger then Lil Sam. Their birthdays are a day and 5 years apart. He is and always will be my Baby. He completes the Threereidboys. His favorite color is Green. He absolutely loves Turtles and anything to do with Turtles. He is smart as a whip. He is in the 5 th grade at William Henry Middle School. He has great grades in school. He absolutely loves to READ anything and everything he can get his hands on and he reads on an 11th grade level. He has a huge dimple on the left side of his face, so cute. He wears glasses all the time now and he said not to touch his glasses because they make him smarter. His favorite food is Velveeta Macaroni and Cheese Shells, if we let him, he can eat the whole box by himself. He has more energy then the energizer bunny. He is the first one awake in the morning and ready to go. He loves to play with little Lego sets and all of his turtle things he has. He loves to have conversations with anyone who will listen to him. He has such an extensive vocabulary. Some of his favorite words are "actually, seriously, technically, currently, etc." he is so funny when he is explaining something because he is so detailed in his explanations. He is fun loving and fun to be around.
So there you have it, my youngest boy!!!

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!!

Today is Sunday, the day I weigh myself and post my progress. So here is my progress so far. FIRST of All I have lost another 2 lbs. So my total is now up to 68 lbs. Can you believe it? Second, I still feel absolutely fantastic! I am doing so good it is crazy. "I feel like a woman" LOL. I am truly happy with myself right now. I have new clothes, new attitude, and a new me. Only the inside is still the same me. Lovable and happy.
I went to church today and it was so nice. Thanksgiving is this week and they were talking about how much you should be thankful for. And man am I Thankful. I am Thankful for my life, my health, my family, my job, my friends, my kids (at home and at school). I am thankful for everything I have. I realized a few weeks ago that I do not need a bunch of material possessions to be happy. Happiness comes from within. So I am finally happy from within to radiate it to the outside.
SO Happy ThanksGiving to all of my Family and Friends.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A NEW Baby in Town!!!!

So like I said a few days ago, my BFF Donna went in the Hospital to have a baby. I was with her the whole time. It was great. I wish I could have gone into the operating room, but I couldn't. She had a C-section. So she had a Baby Girl, Elizabeth Josephine Roberts. She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz. She was born at 8:18 am and she was 22 inches long. She was so perfect. I have seen newborns before and because they were natural births, their heads were all deformed a little and they were wrinkly. But Elizabeth is just so perfect looking. She has little long fingers and toes and she is so cute, so perfectly round face, pink body, everything is wonderful with her. No problems what so ever. Mommy is doing fantastic too. She is healing from the C-section and a little sore and in some pain but other then that she is doing great. I saw them every day since she has been born. They are supposed to be coming home today (Saturday) afternoon. I am not going over to her house today, she needs a little time to get settled into the house and her other kids to get used to everything. Her parents are here too, helping out with the other kids, so it is a little crazy at her house right now. Donna said she is ready to come home, but not ready for all the work that is in store for her. But she will be ok, she is a trooper. I told her I would help in any way that I can.
As for me, I am doing FANTASTIC!!!!! I have some new clothes now, thanks so much to one of my friends who gave me like 4 bags of clothes. So there are a ton of things in there that I can use. I won't be in the same size for very long so they will do. And one of my other BFF actually bought me some clothes. She said she loves me and I am doing wonderful and she is so proud of me. And it is Thanksgiving and it is the season for GIVING and she wanted to do this for me. I was crying. She made me so HAPPY. She said during the summer she wants to actually take me shopping next time and we spend the day together. She is such a fantastic friend. I had no idea she was doing this for me. She said, come to my house I have something for you. SO when I got there, there was a huge bag of clothes all for me, over $100.00 worth of clothes. She left all the tags on them encase I needed to exchange something. I kept them all. Every time, I wear any of them I will always think of her and what she has done for me. That was truly the best gift anyone can ever do for me. Especially at this time in my life when I have no money and times are so tough. SO in the next few weeks, I will be sporting some new threads. I am so excited.
Tomorrow is my weigh in Day. I will post on here and let everyone know how I am doing. I know I have probably lost something, just not sure of how much. And this coming Tuesday will be my 4 month anniversary and I will be posting more pictures of myself on here.
So until tomorrow my friends, have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taking the Day OFF!!

So today is Wednesday and yes I should be at work, but I am taking the day off today. SSSHH, Don't tell anyone. One of my BFF Donna is having a baby today. And she asked me to be there with her. She was there with me when I had my surgery and spent the night in the hospital with me. So let's see, go to work OR see a baby be born, HUH? DUH! See a baby be born. Wouldn't you? So I am taking off today. Unfortunately, she is having a C-section but still, I will be there. I am excited. She is having a girl. She has a 9 year old girl and a 6 year old boy now. So this will make baby # 3. It is a girl and she is naming her Elizabeth. Her daughter's name is Christina and her son's name is Andrew. Her husband's name is Bill. SO in her family, the initials of each of the people = ABCDE. Isn't that funny. She realized that one when she picked the name out for this baby. I think that is cute. They are done having kids though, this is her last. She is the same age as me 38, I can not imagine having another kid at this age. Mine are all teenagers and can take care of themselves. I could not imagine going back to infant stages anymore. Bad enough my niece and her baby were here for like 2 weeks a few weeks ago. That was enough. So anyway, I am going to the hospital at 8:00 and staying there all day with her. She had to be there at 6:30 this morning. The surgery is at 8:30-8:45. Only her husband is allowed in when the C-section. But that is ok. We will still be there outside waiting for them. She is staying in the hospital until Saturday. Her parents are here to help take care of the other two kids.
So that is my day's plans. I am excited for her and to see a baby. I have been with her throughout this whole pregnancy. And this is going to be special.
As you can see I have not put any pictures up on here, but I will.
I will keep you all posted as to how the baby and Donna are doing. Gotta go now.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!

Horray for Sunday. It is Sunday again. That, for me, means another weigh in day. So I weighed in again this morning and I have lost another 2 lbs. SO that makes my total weight loss of today at 66 lbs. YEP 66 lbs. I feel great!!!

I went to Church today too. I have not been to church in like 4 weeks. I have been so busy with things going on and I was sick one weekend so I have not been back to church. So I went today, it was really nice. The main message today was that it doesn't matter what you have on the outside, House, Cars, Money, material possessions, etc. When you die, you can't take it with you. What matters is how you live your life and how you help other people in the process. Even though we can't take it with you, you still have to live and make ends meet. I have been so stressed out with all the bills and money and all that stuff. I have been having so much trouble with money lately. I really don't know what I am going to do. WE already talked about Christmas in this house. For the first time in as long as Sam and I have been together, Christmas is just NOT going to happen in our house. We are going to visit and spend time with Family and have a wonderful time, but we are not going to be getting anything at all. We have each other, we have our house and everything in it. We have our health, we have our clothes, we have everything we need. That is all that matters to us right now. I know that the boys and Kimi are not going to like it too much or understand it that much, BUT there is nothing we can do at this time. Times are so tough right now and I do not see an end to it.

Enough about my problems. LETS just say, MONEY sucks sometimes!!!

Anyway, besides that, I realized that it is now time to update the pictures of my kids on here. Their pictures are so old. So within this week, I am going to be taking some pictures of the boys and Kimi and put up new ones of them on here. SO in the next week, look for some new pictures. I am also trying to make changes to my blog page. I want to change the layout, the colors, the header, etc. I am working on it. So check back frequently for the changes I will be making.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I feel FANTASTIC!!!!

Well so Today is Friday!!! Another end to a work week. I had a great week of work. I bought some new clothes last weekend when I went shopping. I forgot to post about them. I did end up going to Value City because it is going out of business. But I didn't find anything there. They have all like picked over stuff. There was nothing there that appealed to me. So when I went to Walmart, I found a really really pretty shirt I can wear to work or out to like meetings and things. I got it for $5.00 on the clearance rack. Love those kind of finds. SO I wore it on Monday to work, and I have never in my life had so many people comment on how I looked so nice in my clothes. It really felt good. I am really starting to see a huge difference in myself and I can really really feel the difference. I am doing FANTASTIC. Never have I felt this truly happy before in my life. I am so incredibly grateful that I was given this chance to actually do this surgery and start a whole new life and stay healthy. That is my whole goal is to STAY healthy. I never had any health problems at all and I didn't want to get anything. That is the MAIN reason for doing this surgery and I would do it again tomorrow if I needed to. If there is anyone out there that is just remotely thinking of doing this, has a serious weight problem and looking for a tool to help you loose weight and remain healthy, I would recommend this absolutely.
I went to visit one of my best friends tonight. Her parents are in town for a couple weeks because she is having a baby. She is due Wednesday. Well, I have gotten really close to her parents. I call them my adopted parents. Well, I have not seen them in like 6 months. They live in upstate New York. They only come down like 2-3 times a year. I went over there tonight and they could not believe I was the same person. Her mom was almost in tears she said she is so proud of me and happy for me. I am starting to get that more and more every where I go. It is amazing. Wait till my family sees me when we get together for Christmas.

Thanks so much for everyone's support and encouragement and prayers. I am so grateful for your comments on here and in real life. Love you all!!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Pumpking Patch Finds

A few weeks ago, we went to the pumpkin patch and had a great time picking pumpkins to carve out. Each of the boys got to pick one of their own. And Uncle Sam got one for Kimi since she was working and not able to pick her own. It was a wonderful day. Too bad the pumpkins didn't last that long. Once they were cut into, they didn't even last like 2 weeks. But everyone had a lot of fun spending the day with the family.

Here is their finds.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!!

**********64 lbs Lost**********Yep that's right. It is my weigh in day today and as of today, I have lost a total of 64 lbs so far. I knew it was going to be a big week because I didn't loose any last week. I stayed the same. So I lost 6 lbs this week alone. I feel absolutely fantastic!!!! Energy through the roof. Except today, I am a little tired because I took my niece Nicole and her baby to the airport in the middle of the night. Her plane was leaving at 5:30 am and she had to be there 1 1/2 hours before take off and the airport is like 2 hours away. So we left the house at 2:00 in the morning and I drove for like 4 hours. I didn't stay there till she left because I didn't want to park the van. So when I got back home, I slept for a few hours and then when I woke up, I CLEANED like I haven't cleaned in forever. It was so nice to have my house back to normal. Just us you know what I mean. I love her to death but having a baby here was a lot when I wasn't used to it.
Anyway, so I weighed myself this morning and that is when I realized that I hit the 64 lb mark. I was so excited I told everyone I talked to today.
Yesterday I went to Walmart grocery shopping. Dreaded task. But anyway, I felt like the mayor yesterday. Every other aisle I went into there were people I knew and stopped to talk to me. Kimi and Nicole were like do you know everyone in the world and I was like I guess so today. It totaled 14 people that I knew and stopped to talk to yesterday. Every time I go anywhere in this little town of Dover, I see someone I know. It is amazing how many people I know here. The girls got a laugh out of it. Know wonder why it took us over 2 1/2 hours just to go grocery shopping, I had to talk to everyone. But that's ok, I am a people person and I love everyone.
So I missed church again this morning because of sleeping. But it is ok. I will get back next week.
I only have 1 meeting this whole entire week coming up. That is going to be really cool, I will be able to come straight home from work a couple days and just chill.
Not much else going on here in my life. Oh one more thing. Tomorrow is the anniversary of when me and Sam first met. I like to acknowledge that too because it is a big milestone. But anyway, as of tomorrow, me and Sam will be together for 19 years. Can you believe it? Yep and we are doing wonderful. In April we will be married for 17 years. And still doing wonderful. He is so very proud and happy for me that I am loosing weight and taking care of myself.

I did find some cool shirts I bought at Walmart. I didn't find anything at all at Value City. I didn't like what they had, it was all like picked over stuff. But I bought two new shirts and I am going to wear one tomorrow to work. Pretty cool.
Well, before I write a complete novel instead of just a chapter or two, I better get off of here. Thanks for everyone's support and encouragement and prayers. I am doing fantastic and loving life right now. ****64 lbs**** lighter.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Thank God It's Friday. I am done with another very busy week and I am so glad. This weekend I am actually going to do something for myself for a change. I am going clothes shopping. I have been loosing so much weight that all my clothes are starting to really fall off of me. And I have been through my clothes like twice already and got rid of lots of things that don't fit anymore. Well that leaves me with very little that I can actually still wear. And it is the same old stuff. So Value City here is Dover is going out of business and everything in the store is up to 50% off. They will be out by Christmas. So I am going there tomorrow and see if there is anything I can come up with. I am going with only $50.00 and no more so I do not spend a fortune because I won't be in sizes very long so I am not buying a bunch of stuff. After clothes shopping, I have to go to the dreaded Grocery store (BLAH) I hate grocery shopping. It is getting so expensive to feed all of these people in my house. They all need to get a job and pay for all this food that is eaten in the house. Feeding four growing teens is not easy, they are constantly wanting to eat.
Before shopping though we are going to go out to lunch. It is only going to be me and Nicole and the baby. We are going to spend a little time together before she has to leave again. I have to take her to the airport on Sunday so she will be leaving and we will have our house back to ourselves again.
So that is my big weekend plans. I will post about the bargains I find if I find any. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Did I fall off the Earth?

Ok you all must really think I have fell off the face of the Earth. It has been almost 5 days since I have actually wrote anything on here. I have been so busy and I have not had any chance to get on here at all. My niece Nicole is still here with her baby. They are leaving on Sunday, I have to take them to the airport. I have been working non stop, both outside and inside the house. I have had two meetings and three appointments all this week. I VOTED YEAH!!! and my man won I am pretty siked to see what changes he has for our future. I took the boys to the Eye Doctor the other day when we were off of school for election day. Out of all the boys, I only have one in glasses. Tyler used to wear them only to read, now he has to wear them all the time. His eyes have gotten worse. He is ok with that because he likes wearing his glasses. I had a dentist appointment that same day and had to get a filling. It didn't hurt that much, I am so used to by now.
So the boys are getting their report cards this week. So far, I got lil Sam's and he has 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, and 1-F. I know I do not like the F either. It is in ELA (English) and he does not like that subject at all. But he is very capable of bringing it up. So he better!!! I will let you know how he does the next time around. Tyler brought his home today, he got 3-A's, 1-B, and 1-C. Not bad at all. His C is in Social Studies, he thinks it is too confusing because it happened so long ago and he thinks we shouldn't have to know about that stuff. I did not get Cody's report card yet. He will get it tomorrow because I have a parent teacher conference tomorrow with his teacher. He is in Special Ed so they need to have a meeting with parents in each report card time.
Anyway so besides that, I am doing wonderful. I am a bit tired because of all the work and running around I have been doing and having a little baby in my house for like a week now. He is so dam cute though. His name is Michael. He is 7 months old but he is teething so he has been really fussy for a while. That is hard when you are trying to sleep to get up for work in the morning. I am just so not used to that at all.
Well in a few days, we will have our house back together again and I will miss them. But then I will remember how tired and busy I have been this week and I will be thankful that my kids are grown. I can come and go with out having to get a babysitter. And I don't have to feed or bathe them or do stuff like that for them. It is nice Man.
Well, I am off of here. Until next time my friends. Love you all and miss my family big time. Can't wait till the holidays I am so excited about visiting this year.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday's Newflash!!!!!

Well, it is here. Another Sunday. It is my weigh in Day. I weighed myself this morning and I have stayed the same, I have not lost any or gained any at all. IT is exactly the same as it was last week. It happens. Maybe it didn't help that Halloween just happened and I had like 4 pieces of Chocolate LOL. NO I don't have a reason or suggestion as to why it didn't change but it didn't and I am ok with that. Maybe it is another time for my body to have to get caught up with itself. Doctor said it would happen every so often. So that is my weight lost news. I still fantastic and wonderful.

I have had a house full of people here all weekend ever since Friday night. And I think they are staying here for like a week or so. My cousin's daughter Nicole, she is 20, and she has a very cute adorable baby boy named Michael. He is 7 months old. Well she came here from Arizona to try and live here and start a new life. Well she was staying with her dad but her dad has this really ASS of a women that he is with and it has been pure hell for Nicole and Mikey to be there. So I offered her to stay here for a while. Well she got a hold of her son's grandmother back in Arizona and she is going to go back there, it is just not working out down here at all for her. It is a shame, the boyfriend is a mess and she left him. But everything is going to be ok for her. She has a great head on her shoulders. So it has been nice to have a little baby here for a few days. They will be going back to AZ one day this week as soon as they can send her a plane ticket.
Kimi has been working a lot lately and I have hardly seen her at all. She has one more week of working there and then that job is going to be done. Then it will be back to square one and looking for another job again soon.

The boys are doing wonderful. They are all doing great in school. Their report cards should be coming this week. I am anxious to see them. All of their progress reports have come back pretty good.

Well it is time to make dinner, the kids are "starving" like I don't ever feed them anymore. So it is time to get off of here.