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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Family @ Peggy's House Christmas 2008

ME 5 Months later!!!!

I know I am a little late with posting pictures of myself on here. We went to my sister's house for Christmas as I posted about earlier . Then I was working on changing the background of my blog all night that I didn't get the chance to post pictures of me like I promised. So my five month anniversary of my surgery was actually Christmas Day.



Monday, December 29, 2008

~~~~~~I LOVE IT~~~~~~~


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!

So much to blog about, where do I start. Ok so I will start from today and go backwards. So you know today is Sunday. The day I weigh myself and post all about it. So I slept in this morning. I guess I was so exhausted from driving home and all that we did yesterday that I was tired. So I didn't go to church again this morning. I know I am getting bad about that again. Next week I will go I promise. I did weigh myself this morning though and I thought after all we did over Christmas and all that I would have gained or stayed the same. BUT I did the total opposite. I actually LOST 4 lbs this week. SO my total weight lost this week is now up to 82 lbs.
~~~YEP 82 lbs!!!!!~~~ I was so excited. Especially since I ate all kinds of things while we were at my sister's house for Christmas.
We got home from my sister Peggy house yesterday around 4:30. I thought it would be a nice relaxing night. But our friend Robert and his son Lil Rob and their whole family wanted to come over. WE haven't seen them in Months. Robert moved to VA so I said yes and I ended up cooking dinner for everyone. There was 19 people here total including my neighbors. I made spaghetti. It was the only thing I had since I haven't gone shopping. I did 5 loads of laundry while they were all here but WE had fun. After dinner, we all played Poker. I wanted to play for real money but no one had any money except me (I keep a change jar). So we played with just chips. Anyway it ended up being a Wonderful night. They all left like around 12.

My sister Peggy had been planning for months to have all of us at her house. All of us in the family went to her house. It was ~~~GREAT~~~ There was 5 families all at her house for like 4 days. That was a total of 19 people at her house. Lil Sam said it felt like a Lodge. With all the families there under the same roof. Her HOUSE is GORGEOUS. I was in my glory the whole time I was there. I was cooking and cleaning the whole time I was there. I loved it. I LOVE to cook for other people and I am most comfortable in the kitchen So I had a lot of fun being in her Beautiful kitchen most of time I was there cooking for everyone. It was great. I felt bad for Peggy and her husband Scott because that was a LOT of people in their house for a long time. I know when Saturday came, they were all ready for us to all go home. Just as much as we were all ready to go home ourselves. We can only handle being together for just so long. But all in all We had a Wonderful time. I loved it and I'm glad she did this for us. We were able to get a picture of the whole family for the first time ever being in the same place at the same time. I am not sure if we will be able to do that again next year. IT was a lot on Peggy & Scott.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! We are here at my sister's house now and I have just got done cooking EVERYTHING. We have so much food it is unbelievable. Our guests are coming in now. We are expecting like over 20 people. Dinner is supposed to be at 3:00.
Today is also my 5 month anniversary from having the surgery. I will post more pictures of me when I get home and take some more. My total is now up still up to 78 lbs until I weigh myself again on Sunday.
Well until then I am going to get to our Christmas dinner and the family.
Have a great day with all of your family.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All Packed & Ready to Go!!!

So the time has come, we are all getting ready to go to My sister Peggy's house for Christmas. We are all going to be with my family for the Holiday. I can't wait. Peggy and all of us have been planning this for almost 6 months and I can not believe the time has finally come. We are leaving like 9 or 10 in the morning. It takes about 3 hours to get there so it shouldn't be too long. I came home from work today and did all the laundry, dishes, and then I packed all of our stuff up to go with us. It is funny how much stuff we need just for a few days away from home. Clothes, blankets, pillows, bathroom stuff, towels, Presents, and the list goes on and on. Now take that and times it by 6 people in here all trying to go to the same place. It is a lot when you think of it. I felt like I was packing forever. We are only going to be gone for like 4-5 days.
So hopefully the weather is nice in the morning, the traffic is good and we don't have any trouble getting there. And we should be good to go.
Everyone enjoy their Holiday with your families. I will post again in a few days when I get the chance ok.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!

It is Sunday again already. It just seems like the days are flying by so fast. So today we woke up to not only Rain AGAIN but this time it was FREEZING Rain/ICE. What a mess it was. I didn't go out till later. I just did not want to drive in that mess. So I didn't go to church. I know I have been so bad about going to Church lately. But it is hard to get out of the house when it is so cold and yucky outside, I just did not want to do it.
But I did weigh myself again today and now my total weight loss is now 78 lbs. yep 78 lbs!!! I am not going to worry about it too much over this week because it is Christmas week and there is going to be tons of food, family, friends, and I will be so busy. If I loose weight this coming week, I will be surprised. I am feeling fantastic. Doing Wonderful and feeling energetic. There is no need to complain about one single thing if I do not loose any this week at all. I have been doing WoNdErFuL !!!!
So guess what happened today? SAM actually went to the Grocery store with me. I know that sounds funny to some people, BUT my husband HATES SHOPPING. It is like pulling teeth getting him to go to any store. He said he wanted to go so that he can get an idea of things to get the boys for Christmas. We went to Super Walmart. WE still have not gone Christmas shopping yet. We are not going to be here for Christmas so I have decided to just wait till we get back to buy them things so it is not too rushed. I have some things for their stockings but the other stuff we are going to do the first weekend after New Years. So technically I still have time. Besides it has been very tight financially that I really have not been in the mood for Christmas this year. I am finally getting there though. I know I am a little late. But oh well at least it will be fun this year with Family and Friends.
So besides going to Walmart, we got the oil changed in the van today so that we can make the trip to my sisters house without breaking down. We got the van looked over and made sure it was all working in good condition. We only bought some groceries to last for the first few days of this week since we are not going to be here for like 4 or 5 days. All we have to do now is work for two more days then come home and pack up the million things that we have to bring with us to Peggy's house then on Wednesday morning sometime we will be leaving to Manassas, VA to spend Christmas with my family. I am so excited about that. I can not wait to see everyone, especially my sister Peggy and her kids and her gorgeous house.
So that is what we did today. Our tree is finally up. It was not as exciting as I thought it was going to be. Sam and Lil Sam got bored with the whole decorating thing that they just went to their rooms. SO Cody, Tyler and I finished it all up by ourselves. I kept hearing it over and over, "we are not going to be here for Christmas, so why are we decorating"? I got so tired of hearing it. I almost gave up. But they will appreciate it when we get back and have our Christmas by ourselves and the tree will already be up.
~~Everyone Enjoy their Christmas Week~~Have fun~~Enjoy your Families~~
Happy Holidays From Sam~~Patti~~Lil Sam~~Cody~~Tyler~~&~~Kimi

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I changed it

Ok for the millionth time, I am still trying to change my blog layout page. So I changed it again. What do you think? I am going to leave it now till I go to my sister's house for Christmas.

I'm Starting to get in the SPIRIT

Finally, I am finally getting into the Christmas Spirit. I have Christmas music on all day today. The boys and Sam are working on putting the Christmas tree together (yes it is artificial). I have had real trees forever and I just got tired of cleaning up after the needles for years. My friend gave me this tree a few years ago and we have been using it ever since. It works so much better.

So when all of our decorations, tree, and stuff is up today around my house I will post some pictures of it. I have realized that this year, our Christmas is going to be FAMILY, LOVE, HEARTWARMING, THANKFULNESS, FUN!!! NOT Presents, Stuff, and Expense.


Thursday, December 18, 2008


I got rid of the Banner

I am still trying to work out the changes I want to make to my blog page. SO tonight I got rid of the OVER POWERING Banner that I had on here. I liked it BUT it was JUST WAY too big for this page. I am still trying to create one that I like to put on here. So until then, I just got rid of it completely and Just put a welcome note on there. How do you like it? Soon my page will be the way I like it and want it to be and then I will leave it alone.
The SUN was out today!!! Yeah!!! I didn't realize how much I missed the sun until we have had so much rain that I was feeling gloomy.
I have been pretty busy this week at school. We have to work next Monday and Tuesday and then we will be off for Christmas Vacation. We are really looking forward to that. I am especially looking forward to going to my sister's house in VA. I can not wait. Mom told me all about her Gorgeous House and I can not wait to see it, her, the kids, and the whole family. I can NOT wait to cook. I LOVE TO COOK and I have not cooked in like forever. Sam works nights, the boys are picky and they don't appreciate a good meal, and I certainly don't want to cook for just myself, I can't eat that much. So I am really looking forward to cooking for my family. I want to cook it all. And I know Peggy won't mind, she will have enough to do hosting the family in her home. It will be magical, exciting, heartwarming, and wonderful. The only thing though, it will go by so fast and then we will all be going back home to our own houses and then we will have our memories to take with us.
Everyone enjoy their last weekend before Christmas. I know I will finally be putting the tree up and going Shopping, I haven't even started yet. I know last minute shopper. I just could not get in the mood this year. TOO expensive.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Ok I don't know about all of you out there in blog world, but I am tired of RAIN. I Love the Rain but DANG I feel like we need to start building an ark. We have so much rain in the past few weeks that I am like sun deprived now. I want to see the sun again. I am tired of my shoes getting wet, I am tired of the bottom of my pants getting wet, I am just tired of Rain. I know we need it and all, and people would say it is better than snow. But I am just venting that's all.
Anyway, I was so tired yesterday that I was in bed by 8:30. The boys were in my room watching a movie, I just crawled in there next to them and started watching it with them then it started watching me. I was sound asleep by 9:00. The boys woke me up to tell me that the movie was over and they were going to bed. And then I slept all night. I must have needed it. I felt so much better today though and I am not tired tonight. I am doing laundry, we did FFY for dinner tonight and I am on here for a bit then I am done for the night. IT is still raining and I don't have to go out tonight for anything so that's good. So Join IN with me "Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come again some other day" LOL.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!

Yes, it is Sunday again already. So let me start with last night. Last night we went the party I posted about yesterday the one we were Honoring Scotty for. WELL that was a FANTASTIC party. He was so honored it went wonderful. We had a great time. It ended at 9:00 then a group of us girls decided to go out and party for a little while. WE had so much fun. Something I needed desperately. We went to about 4 different bars and were dancing and have a wonderful time (NO I did not drink). You all should know me by now. But we danced our asses off and had so much fun. I didn't get home till after 1:00 in the morning. I really really needed that time away. Time to chill.
SO then today I woke up, very late, after 11:00. So needless to say, I missed church. I made Brunch for everyone, then I put all the people in my house to work cleaning. Then I ran to walmart for a couple things and now I am chilling on here and doing some work.
Yes I did weigh myself again, it is Sunday after all, and I lost 3 more lbs. Now my total weight loss is 76 lbs. YEP 76 lbs. I feel fantastic. Especially after last night, dancing my ass off. I am a bit tired though today and not doing too much physical today.
Kimi got a job, she is working at this new pizza restaurant up on the corner by our house. She started tonight. She is working 5-11 tonight. She will be answering phones, taking orders, and waiting tables. She will be paid plus get tips so she is excited about it and WE ARE ALL happy for her. She has to buy some clothes though because she needs to wear black pants and white shirts. So I told her to take save her tips and we will get her some clothes.
The DRAMA in my house is settled down now things are back to normal and doing ok now. And my normal life will still include Kimbirlee, she is not going anywhere. She is almost done with school, she takes her GED test in January. Next time I post on here I will high light Kimbirlee. Then I have to highlight Sam.
I am still trying to change my background. It is not working. But when I go to my sister's house for Christmas, we will work on it then.
Until next time my friends. Have a great week.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Honoring Scotty tomorrow night

Where has this week gone? I have been so busy this week I can not believe it. I have a very big weekend ahead of me. We are giving our custodian, "Scotty" a huge retirement party tomorrow night. He has been working in our school for 30 years. He is the most inspirational, wonderful, kindhearted man I have ever met. We have been planning this retirement party for over 6 months now. It is going to be Wonderful. He deserves every hour and preparation we have put into this party. We rented a church hall, having a catered dinner, music, a program and there are over 120 people coming. He is going to be so honored. I can not wait. If anyone has ever met him, you would know what a great person he is. He not only takes care of our school physically, we have the shiniest floors in Capital School District. He knows EACH and EVERY one of our students by name. Takes time to come in early every single day to talk to our kids. He knows all of our staff and knows our families. He CARES about everyone and everything he does. He is just an amazing human being. We just do not know what we are going to do without him. He said he was going to substitute with us and go on our field trips with us so that he can spend time with our kids. That is just the type of person he is. I do not know of any other custodian who genuinely wants to spend time with our kids. Usually custodians come in after the kids leave, clean the school half fast, and then go on their way. NOT James "Scotty" Scott. He is just an inspiration to us all. So tomorrow will be his night. I will let you know how the party went on a later post.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Meet Lil Sam!!!

So we call him Little Sam even though he is big and almost an adult. We have always called him that. Meet my Oldest threereidboy--Little Sam. Samuel Alex Reid is 15 years old. He is definitely a teenager. He is in the 10th grade at Polytech High School. Polytech is a technical high school and he is learning Carpentry. He is doing wonderful in school. He really likes his school. He will be driving by the end of this school year. YEA I said DRIVING! I can not believe my baby will be driving. He does not have car nor a job yet, but it will all come soon. He is no hurry to drive yet because we said he has to pay for his own insurance and half the amount of his car that he wants to buy and he doesn't have any money yet so he is no hurry.
Anyway, Sam's birthday is exactly 5 years earlier than Tyler's they were both born in June. Sam was actually born ON Father's day. So that was a great present for Daddy. Our first born on Father's day. Sam is a very polite, understanding, gentle, and extremely Respectful teenager. Very hard to come by in teenagers these days. I am extremely proud of Sam. He loves little kids, he gets a long Wonderful with little kids. Our niece Courtney calls lil Sam her "buddy" there are inseparable. Sam has been around Courtney since the day she was born, there is such a bond between them. She is 3. He will make a great daddy one day (not too soon though). He doesn't have a girlfriend yet.
Sam does not have the attitude that most teenagers give their parents. He really is very understanding and abides by all the rules. I never have to argue with him. He has his moments sometimes, but not anywhere near what most teenagers his age do. All his life his teachers have told me what a great boy he is to have in class and now the teachers are still saying how respectful he is. I am so proud of him.
Sam's favorite food is Chinese food. Sam is no where near as picky as either one of his brothers. I guess I made him try more things as he was growing up. Sam is into the typical teenage music and clothes but nothing extreme. One thing that Sam does that I do not understand but I guess it is a teenage thing is he will watch tv on mute and listen to the music at the same time. I never understood that.

SO now you have met my oldest of my THREEREIDBOYS!!!

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!

So yes it is Sunday and it is my weigh in day today. SO this morning, I did not go to church again, no reason, just did not want to actually. The wind was kicking way too much and it was absolutely freezing out there and I did not want to go anywhere first thing this morning. So I stayed home until the afternoon. I did my weigh in again this morning and I have lost 3 lbs this week so my total is now up to 73 lbs lost. YEP!!!! 73 lbs. Can you believe it? I am so excited. I feel wonderful, energized, great. In a couple weeks it will be 5 months and then I will post more pictures on here. Until then you have to wait just like everyone else. I think it is great that I have been taking pictures of myself every month. I CAN REALLY see the difference on myself that way. All my friends are telling me that they can see it, but for me, it is kind of hard to SEE it on myself sometimes but the pictures really work to tell the difference.
SO today besides not going to church and weighing myself, I went to get a haircut again. The lady did a great job on my hair. I really liked it. It was very very windy though when I got out of there so it doesn't look that good. But what do you think of my hair cut. I like it.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Change my layout

I want to change my layout of this page SO bad, I just don't know how to do it. I do not like this layout anymore. I don't want to loose my page or mess it up so I am computer illiterate about it so it is stuck as the same layout till I see my family during Christmas. If anyone has any way to help me email me and Help! LOL!

Best Friday Night in a LONG Time

So last night, I had one of the best Friday nights in a very very long time. I have been so busy and BROKE. And I have not done anything for MYSELF in like forever. I came home from work and the three teenagers in my house asked me if they can go to this dance at the Moose lodge. I said yes. They would be out till 11. So that took care of Anthanei (my nephew who is staying with me temporarily), Kimi and Sam. Then Cody asked me if he can go to his friends house for a little while and hang out there. I talked to the boys dad and asked if he can stay there till like 10. So he went to his friends house. Then Tyler asked if he can spend the night at his friends house. I took him over to his friends house. Sam was at work. So Then I was all ALONE for the first time in like forever. So then one of my BFF called and asked what I was doing, I told her I was alone and she invited me to go to dinner and to see a movies with me. She paid for it all. I just left the tip for dinner. So I had a wonderful time. Just us, NO KIDS, we went to Golden Corral. I don't really like that place too much, it is just Way too much food. But she paid, I did not complain one bit. Then we walked around the mall for a while, she shopped, I walked. I didn't buy anything. Then we went to the movies and saw Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughan. IT was Hilarious. If anyone is thinking of seeing it, I would recommend it. It is a good funny, family, love/comedy. It was so funny. As I was sitting there watching the movie. I just sighed and relaxed for the first time in like 2 weeks. I was totally enjoying myself. It was great. Then I got home at around 9:45 and was followed in the door by all the kids except Tyler. The teenagers were bored at the dance so they came home early. So my silent night was immediately ended. It was great while it lasted though. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it. I am so glad I did it, I just needed a break you know. So that was my Friday. Today it is back to reality, kids home, house cleaning to do, bills to pay, etc. etc. etc. it never ends.
Today, I am going to convince Lil Sam to let me get a picture of him and I will post on here about him this weekend. Look for that to come soon!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's been a few days

So I just realized that I have not been on here in a few days. So I decided it was time to post something. I have been so very busy lately. There is just a lot of family drama going on on my side of the family at this time, way too much to go into. But anyways, because of that, I have been a little preoccupied and busy along with working. But it all seems to be settling down for now. And I am able to get on here again.
Not much else is happening. I still have to post about Lil Sam but he wont let me take a picture of him, he said he will break the camera. I will take it one day soon and post about my oldest, the first of the threereidboys. So look for that to be coming soon.
I am still feeling fantastic, but right at this time, I am exhausted. I am running so much with working, kids at home, meetings and all that I just need a break. I am so much looking forward to our Christmas vacation and being able to go to my sister Peggy's house in VA and being with Family for the holidays. I am looking forward to that more then anything else this year. We have not seen each other in a very long time and I miss everyone.
So until next time, talk to you later.