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Friday, September 25, 2009

Addicted to Farmville and Facebook

Oh my gosh, we have become addicted to Farmville on Facebook. If anyone has a facebook page, you probably heard of Farmville. It is a interactive game online where you grow and maintain a cartoon version of a real farm. It is very very cute and it is fun. You plow, plant seeds, have animals, trees and all that, and in time they grow and you then harvest the things for more coins and money and then you can expand your farm and add other things to it and all. Well, we in this house are addicted to it. It is so fun. It is clean family fun. Our xbox is broken and Sam has been like a bump on a log and bored blah blah blah. Well he saw me playing farmville one night last week and asked about it. I was showing him all about it and then he wanted to get in on it so we created a facebook page for him too (that is the only way you can play farmville) and he now has his own farm. WELL that's all it took. LOL. He is happy again, excited to come home and get up on his farm and see how things are going. He has neighbors that he helps out, he has friends on his facebook that talk to him. He is even on the phone to his friends talking about farmville It is so dam funny. Here he was all depressed, didn't want to do anything, didn't want to get out of bed, didn't want to talk to anyone and NOW a CARTOON FARM has CHANGED HIM!!! Go figure. But hey what ever makes him happy right. He has a part time job, did I mention that. He got a job in a motorcycle warehouse. So he plays with motorcycles all day and plays with a farm all night. LMAO!!!! But at least he is not out drinking and partying and driving drunk and doing drugs. LOL he is on a cartoon farm. I just find that so dam hilarious. But he is HAPPY AGAIN AND THAT IS ALL I WANTED.

SO other then that, I am off of work today because it is one of our State Mandated Furlough day that we had to take off because of the state budget crisis. So I am paying bills on here, catching up on some things that I have to do. Then Sam is going to come home for lunch and after that I have to go run a bunch of errands in town today. So that is my day today. Tomorrow, I am going to meet NICHOLAS SPARKS. I am SO EXCITED about that. I can't wait. We are leaving here at 7:30 am and going to Washington DC. My friend Margaret and her daughters are going with me, it is going to be so much fun. I love her girls. They are like daughters I never had. They are all teenagers just like my boys. She has 3 girls and 2 of them are in High School and one is in middle school. So they are not young that we would have to like take care of them tomorrow or really like watch them in the crowds. We are going to have so much fun.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tired Tuesday

I am so dang tired tonight. I had open house last night for my school. Cody and Tyler had a Dr. appt tonight at 5:00. I just got home at 6:30. I stopped to the grocery store and bought chicken for dinner and now I am getting ready to do the laundry. I am just so tired today that I just wish this night could be done with. But I have to finish the laundry and I have to do the dishes. And then I can go to bed. I have a meeting tomorrow and Thursday night and then I will be able to chill on Friday night. I am going to Washington DC this weekend so I am looking forward to that. I am going to meet Nicholas Sparks in person. I am super excited about that one. And there are going to be a Ton of other favorite authors there too. HEY PEG--ARE YOU GOING? I would love to see you there.

Well that is about all that is going on here with me and us. Nothing new. I am still waiting to hear the reply for the food stamps. I applied for them last week but I have not heard anything from them yet. They said they are over loaded with tons of people applying right now that they are behind. So I hope to get them soon, hopefully by the end of this week. I need them bad. I know I am going to get food stamps but I just don't know how much.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!

Yeah it is Sunday again. The day that I do my weigh in and the day that I post all about my progress. Sorry it is so late in the day. I have been busy and playing games and all on the computer and doing work that I almost completely forgot about my Sunday's Newsflash. So here it is. I am so super Excited. I did my weigh in today and I have lost another 3 lbs so that now brings my total weight loss to 150 lbs. YES I said 150 lbs. Can you believe it????? I am so super excited. I can not believe I was carrying all that around first of all, and I can't believe I have lost that much. BUT I feel AMAZING!!!! FANTASTIC!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!! ALIVE!!!! LIKE A WHOLE NEW PERSON. THANKS FOR EVERY ONE'S SUPPORT!!!!!!

Other then that, I have not been doing anything else today. I had a lot of work to do on the computer that I had to get done, then I was playing Farmville on my facebook page. I am getting addicted to it. They say it is addicting and now I see why. I am about to go on it again soon and see how my farm is doing.

It was nice not having to go do things today. I was able to just stay home and do the things I needed to do at home today.

Well tomorrow starts a very very busy week for me this week. I have a meeting or an appointment every single night this week, so I am not going to be home much this week. But it will all be ok because that is how my life is, busy, busy, busy.


Friday, September 18, 2009

A Wonderful Week!!!!

I just have to say that I have had a Wonderful week this week. And now it is Friday and I can sit back and enjoy my weekend. I just LOVE my JOB so much, it is wonderful. We are going on a field trip the end of this month to a local Apple Orchard. At the apple orchard, we are going to be going on a hay ride, go in a pumpkin patch, pick our own apples, and go through a mini corn maze. We are going to have so much fun. So in preparation for our field trip to the Apple orchard, we have been doing all kinds of Apple Art projects this week. And we have been having so much fun. We made our own apple orchard by tracing the kids bodies with their arms spread out for the trees and the kids finger painted apples to hang on them. And for the tops of the trees, we used green paper and the kids painted with their feet on the green paper. We just put paint on their feet and let them just walk ALL OVER the paper. OH MY GOSH did they have fun. It turned out really good. The paint was like fall colors for leaves and it was so cute. IT was definitely a messy project but they had so much fun doing it. So now our apple orchard is complete and it is all hanging up in the hall at school so the kids will be able to see it when they come to school on Monday. It came out so dang cute. I am going to take a picture of it and post it on here next week. LOL. So besides the apple orchard we created, we painted with apples this week, we sponge painted a huge apple, and next week we are going to make home made apple sauce and apple pie. This week was art and painting, next week it is cooking and food. It is going to be so much fun. We have been having a blast with them this week and they are all loving it.

SO besides school news, Sam got a JOB~~~YEAH!!!!!! It is only part time, so it will only be temporary until he gets a full time, better paying job. He is working at a motorcycle warehouse shipping and receiving and doing stuff like that. SO what man wouldn't want to work around motorcycles all day long. He does really like it. It is not a strenuous job at all and he gets along really well with the other people. The problem is, it is not Full Time it is only like 30 hours a week and it is only $8.00 an hour. So he is still looking for a Full Time job that can pay more, because we can't make it on only that much of money. So we are going to keep our fingers crossed and hope something comes better. We shall see what happens. BUT AT LEAST HE HAS A LITTLE JOB. IT IS BETTER THEN NOTHING!!!!!

So this weekend, we are just going to chill out at home. I have a lot of para work to do at home so I will be doing that. And I want to finish reading my book I am on. Next weekend, I am going to Washington DC to meet NICHOLAS SPARKS in person, I am so EXCITED. If you don't know who Nicholas Sparks is, he is only my MOST FAVORITE author in the World. He wrote the Notebook, Message in a Bottle, Walk to Remember and all kinds of other books and each of those books that I mentioned have been movies. SO if you have seen those movies, they were written by NICHOLAS SPARKS. SO I am going to DC to meet him in person and get him to sign some of my books that I have of his. It is free to the public and there are going to be a ton of other authors there too if anyone wants to go. It is the National Book Festival in DC if you want to check it out online. I will be there for sure. Super EXCITED!!!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday's Newsflash

Hi All, it is Sunday. It is SUNNY finally, it has been raining here for a few days. It feels nice to have the sun out today. I have been doing things around the house, getting caught up on things that I don't get the chance to do, go through things in the closets, listing things on ebay to sell, getting fall/winter clothes out for the boys to wear etc. So it has been a really nice day, I have all of the windows open, there is a great breeze out. It just feels like a beautiful day. And FALL IS IN THE AIR~~~~~MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did my weigh in again today and I have lost 1 more lb, so now my total weight loss it 147 lbs. And I feel FANTASTIC. I am getting back to exercising now that I am back to work, I am on a really good routine and I love routines. I am slowing down on my weight loss, it won't be as much as it was in the beginning, they said after a year or so it will start to taper off, so that is what is happening now. It has been 13 months and 147 lbs is not too bad at all. I am HAPPY with everything. I am doing WONDERFUL. I am keeping it up and feeling GREAT.

Sam finished that deck for our neighbors so that brought in a little bit of money, I was able to pay some bills with it. He is going tomorrow around town to look for a job again, hopefully he finds something cus he really really needs a job. It really sucks to be struggling like this, but we do the best we can with what we have. I have to apply for food stamps on Monday. I know I will be able to get them because now it is only my income and I don't make anything worth while. I'll see how it goes on Monday. Hopefully he gets a job and we won't have to have them for a long time.

The boys are doing good, they are all in a routine for school again and doing fine. No complaints.


Friday, September 11, 2009



Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hey ALL how are things? Sam has an interview tomorrow for a little part time job. Hey but anything for now will be good. It is for P&F motorcycles, maintance type work. So wish him luck. Pray, please. He needs a job. I know it will be only part time right now, but it may lead into full time and it may lead into other things. The job market is so tough right now, he is willing to do anything for a job. AND he also has a few side jobs people are wanting him to do. Word of mouth goes a long way. He is just about done with the big deck he was building for one of our neighbors. It turned out to be a huge deck with a 20' ramp. So we will be getting money from that by Friday. Then one of my students at school, his dad wants Sam to put together one of those big huge swing set kits that you get from Lowe's and he will get $500 for doing that, and one of my other friends wants to screen in her back porch and put windows in to make it like a sun room, so Sam will be doing that too. And so things are starting to look up just a little bit for us. We shall see what happens.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Monday

So today was Labor Day. Not much happened here. I helped Sam with building that deck he is doing for our neighbor. It is turning out to be a very big project. It is an 8x8 deck with a 20' wheelchair ramp, and 6 steps on the other side. It is a lot of work to do a project like that. But we are almost done. I have to go to work tomorrow so he will be on his own doing it tomorrow. I have been helping him most of the time because lil Sam is a typical teenager and he doesn't want to help if he isn't getting paid for it, and because we have no money we can't afford to pay lil Sam for his help. And lil Rob was going to help but he is sick with Gaul Stones, He may need surgery soon. So it has been just me and Sam doing it. IT is working out pretty good. I am learning more then I wanted to learn about building decks. LOL. But we are getting a long and that is always a good sign when a married couple work together. Hopefully tomorrow though, he will be done with the whole thing and we can get paid for it. We sure can use the money. He still doesn't have a job, and he certainly can't go looking for one tomorrow. Hopefully the few places that he has applied for will call him and he will find a job soon. Other then that, we are all doing ok. Struggling as usual, but surviving the best way we know how.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

4 Day Weekend here

So We now have a 4 day weekend. It is Labor Day (just encase you didn't know that) LOL. So Sam is building a really big deck for on of our neighbors and the deck is going to have a 20 foot wheelchair ramp to it too. So that is what is going on this weekend. Yesterday I went with him to buy all the wood for it at Lowes. You should have seen his poor little truck. It was so loaded down that I thought we were going to pop a wheelie going home. LOL. But we got it all home and we made it in one piece. So now he is getting ready to go over there all day and put it together. That will be a little bit of money for us. He is getting $500 for doing it so that will help. We have been looking for jobs for the past few weeks and there is just NOTHING out there right now. I am applying for food stamps next week. We have to do something. I don't want to loose anything that we have worked so hard for but I am afraid it is going to happen if something doesn't come up soon. But there is no use complaining about it. We just have to work through it. YES it is so dam stressful but we are doing what ever we can do survive. I sure can use some help right now but so can every other person in this world. But better days are coming I hope. And Time will make everything better. I am selling stuff on Ebay if anyone wants to look around for anything. Mostly books and movies and games. Stuff like that.
Other then that, we are doing ok. YES we argue but it doesn't last longer then the day, WE NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY AT EACH OTHER. So that helps. And it is not like this has been our first time in this situation. IT too shall pass. AND we will get through this it just really sucks for the time being.
We are back to school and everything is doing great there. I Love my job. I am having so much fun with my kids. We are doing all kinds of things. It is great. The boys are doing ok in school too. They are liking their classes and their teachers. It gets to the point when they get older and in the higher grades that "it's just school mom, what more can I say about school".
Well that is about all that is going on here today. Hopefully he will be done with that deck by the end of today and we can get paid for it by Monday. Tomorrow we are going over to some friends house for a big bbq and that should be fun, get out for a while and visit with friends.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I know I have not kept up with my side of the bargain huh? Sorry. I have not been on my computer in a few days. I never even put up my Sunday's newsflash or nothing. DAM what's wrong with me? LOL.

Sorry, I have been so very very busy with starting back to work and all that I have not had the chance to get on here. And I'm very very worried about Sam not working. It really sucks. IT is really hard to live on just one income. It has been so very stressful here. OK so no more excuses. Here is my Sunday's newsflash and my pictures that I promised.

It has been exactly 13 months since I have had my surgery. I feel absolutely fantastic. Doing wonderful. Exercising my butt off, literally. And I have now lost a total of 146 lbs.

HERE I AM 13 months later. CHECK ME OUT!!!!!!