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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Spring Break!!

Wow where has this month gone?? I have been so so busy lately. I am on my last few days of Spring Break and I have been so busy all week long. I have been out and about all week long. On Tuesday, I spent the entire day with my Best Friend Donna and we went shopping, browsing, and just relaxing. We went to lunch at Olive Garden and had a fantastic day. It was so nice to have "me" time and not have to worry about kids, house, husbands, work, or anything for the entire day. It was great. Then on Wednesday I babysat her kids for her while she is studying for her finals to become an RN. It is so much work and I am so Proud of her for accomplishing all that she has done. I know it has not been easy for her. She has 3 small kids and she is the same age as I am and she is back in school for her RN and it is so much work. I don't think I would have been able to do that. but anyway, she has 1 week left and she will be DONE!!! So I have been helping her out. So the rest of this week, I have been in and out of walmart and lowes getting things together to create my very own very first vegetable garden. I have never in my life planted a garden and I have always always wanted to. SO I didn't want to buy a rotter tiller because they are expensive and I don't want a very big garden. So we did the entire thing by hand. With a shovel, hoe, and hands. It was so so so much work. It took us almost 3 days to do it. I had all the boys out there helping me. We have tomatoes, green beans, squash, cucumbers, and watermelon. Those are the things we eat the most of in the summer besides corn on the cob but I think the park would have a problem with us trying to grown corn out here in the trailer park. LOL. So we didn't do that one. SO I had no idea what I was doing but we tried and if it all works out good, we should have a lot of stuff come up by the time summer comes along. I am excited about it.
So besides the garden, I have been busy in the house too, laundry never ends. My niece Kimbirlee is still with me and her boyfriend and so that adds to our laundry and dishes and it just never seems to end. I make everyone wash and dry it, but I LOVE TO FOLD it so I am the only one allowed to fold the laundry around here and sometimes it gets piled up because of being so busy. So I had a lot to folding to do. It is just therapeutic for me to fold fresh clean laundry. I have always loved to fold clothes and do the dishes too. EVERY single time I go anywhere to any one's house I always do the dishes. I know I'm crazy. LOL.
So Monday we go back to school. I miss my kids so much. I miss their little faces and smiles but most of all their HUGS!!! I hope they had a good week off too. When we go back to school we will have about 4 weeks left of school before summer vacation. I am not working this whole summer. I will be only working 3 weeks of summer school as opposed to the whole 6 weeks of our summer school because I am going to Chicago for 12 days and it will cut into the first 2 weeks of summer school.
Anyway, I have not been on here in like almost a month and I was reading my cousin Marleen's page and it has inspired me to just write tonight and get caught up in what I have been doing lately.
But as you can tell it is very very late and I can't believe I am still awake at this time so I am going to bed now and I hope to be able to get on here and write some more tomorrow or some time over this week.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend ReCap!!!

So if you read my last post, I had a HORRIBLE WEEK of Migraines and it was so not good. I just THANK GOD that that is in the past and I have been Migraine Free for the whole weekend long. I totally am back to feeling like my normal self again and back to cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc that never ends. LOL. Yeseterday morning Sam and I went on a date. It was so nice to just ride and be together away from kids, teenagers, house cleaning, and all the other responsibilities that come along with being a parent. We went to see one of our friend, he is selling his car and we thought we might want to buy it for Sam but no it needed too much work and we don't feel like getting something that is going to nickle and dime us to death. Then we decided to just take a long ride, no real destination, (I know gas is crazy why would we want to do that?) We just felt like driving some country roads, looking at the spring blossoming, just talking and riding and enjoying the afternoon. It was so relaxing just to ride and take all kinds of turns onto roads just becuase they looked cool and we never been on them before. It was just like, lets see where this road leads us to. LOL. Yeah we got a little lost, but this is Delaware after all and you can never get lost in DE. We drove around like that for over an hour. It was Great to spend that quality time together and reconnect. Then we ended up in a town about 45 minutes away from us and we went into the walmart there because we never been there before. We walked around, bought a few things we needed for the house, had fun just laughing at things and people we saw doing crazy things. We just were having a good time shopping. AND if you know me and Sam we HATE shopping. But this was different, we were just enjoying ourselves and having fun without kids, stress, or problems. Then we decided to go out to lunch. We went to Friendly's for lunch. Man they have really good food. We don't go there because if we brought the kids it would be way too expensive because they of course would want ice cream after dinner and you all know how much ice cream is at Friendlys. So we had lunch and we DIDN'T have ice cream, we were too full. Then we came home and Sam had to go to sleep cus he worked last night. Today I went to Church and it was AMAZING!!! I absolutly love going to Crossroads Cristian Church. Pastor Wallace really teaches when he preaches. Today's lesson hit home really hard with me. He said "teach your mouth what to say so that what you say you will begin to believe it and it will become the truth. If you can say it and believe it in your heart, you can have it all." In other words, always say positive things. Always believe you are good and good things will happen to you. Like don't say I am poor or I'm broke or I have nothing. Say I am rich, I have more then I have ever had before, I have 3 more dollars then I did yesterday. Or I have 1 penny in my pocket I am not broke. Because if you say those things, you will begin to believe in those things and you will believe that you are no longer poor, you are no longer broke, you have more then you realize that you do. Because God Will ALWAYS PROVIDE what we NEED. If you teach your mouth what to say and you believe it, it will come true!!! This teaching was so so so powerful today. Because going through all that we went through last year, and me begining to think positivly and surrending to God; it all became POSITIVE!!!! And we were never really really broke, we were never really really poor, we HAD WHAT WE NEEDED!!!! WE SURVIVED ON GOD'S LEAD!!! WE HAD EACHOTHER, OUR FAMILY, OUR HEALTH!!! WE HAD MORE THEN WE HAVE EVER HAD BEFORE!!! And Today is living Proof that God does perform miracles. We are so much happier and together and doing wonderful then we have ever ever been in our entire lives. AMAZING!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Migraines~~what causes them and WHY???

I don't know if you have been following my facebook page but Dam I have had a Migraine for over 5 days STRAIGHT!! It started out on Sunday night when I was about to go to bed. I was laying down, Sam was at work, I was just about asleep and all of the sudden this Squeezing thing happened in the very base of my head where my neck attaches to my head. Then the squeezing released, then it was this warm kind of oozy type of feeling, then all of the sudden SEVERE Throbbing non stop Throbbing. Ever since then I have had this Unbelievable Migraine Headache ALL WEEK LONG!!! I went to work on Monday, I got sent home because it was so debilitating that I could not function. I went straight to bed. I took my migraine medicine and it only lasted like 4 hours I slept for what felt like All day and all night. Then on Tuesday it was there again when I woke up so I called out of work that day. I made an appointment to see my dr. I took my medicine and slept some more. Then I went to the dr. I told him what happened on Sunday and what has been going on, he said I was having neck spasms, he gave me a muscle relaxer shot and sent me home to rest. The shot lasted about 4 or 5 hours and the migraine came back stronger then ever. By this time, I was just totally exhausted. I couldn't do ANYTHING!!! I felt like I was just breathing. I didn't want to eat, I didn't want to stand, or walk or ANYTHING!!! I basically slept the entire day. Then on Wednesday I went to work because I thought my migraine was gone, I woke up feeling like I can do it and go to work. Well so by the time I got to work, My migraine came back EVEN STRONGER then it did in the past few days. I took my medicine while I was at work and it didn't even touch it. (I have prescription medicine for migraines). I went into the nurses office at work and laid there for a little while and then all of the sudden, my blood pressure like spiked, and I felt like I was going to pass out. I was very off balance, I was totally out of it. They called the ambulance, I went to the ER. They never did any kind of test or anything. They basically said I am having a SEVERE migraine, they hooked me up with an IV with medicine and fluid. Watched me for a few hours and then sent me home to rest. I went home and I slept for what seemed like forever again. By this time, I was totally sick of Migraines!!!! On Thursday morning, I called off work, called into the neurologist and was told to come in at 1:00 that day. So I went back to sleep till about 12. I could not even function. I had Kimi bring me to the neurologists at 1 and they took me right back. Meanwhile I have been taking my migraine medicine like every 4 hours and it has not given me any release at all. SO they took me back into this dark quiet room and the doctor came in talked to me, asked me what has been going on and all. I told him about what happened Sunday night and what has been going on ever since then and he said, did they do an MRI or Cat Scan at the hospital. I said no. He said I am ordering an MRI and Cat Scan right away (he said STAT). He said you may be having an aneurysm or bleeding on the brain or something else I couldn't pronounce. WELL THAT JUST THREW ME OFF MY CHARTS!!! I became SCARED to DEATH!!! So I called my best friend Donna and told her to please come there with me. I didn't know what was going on. So I go back into this dark room and hung out there till they straighted everything out with my insurance and got everything together. SO they took me to do the MRI and Cat Scan, never ever had one done before. Was scared and nervous to death. All said and done about 1 hour later. He comes to get me to go over my results with me. The nerves start like crazy. HE said, everything looks normal (that the good news) and no sign of aneurysm or bleeding or even stroke. So that was good. The bad thing was that it was a "CLUSTER" Migraine. Never heard of that before. But basically he said, somehow I pinched the nerve in my neck on Sunday night and it has caused a cluster of nerves to be inflamed and irrigated and out of wack for this long. If not treated, in a timely manner, could cause permanent damage to neck, nerves, or even brain. OK. So what do I do now, I said. He said I need to give you an IV of different medicines, you need to have some one drive you home and you will be totally out of it for about 6-8 hours. It is like being on anesthesia. I said ok. So he gives me this IV, for about 1/2 hour. Donna brings me home and I don't remember anything at all after that. Sam and Donna got me in the house and I passed out. It was like anesthesia. I slept more and more and more. I didn't even know what day it was when I got up, I didn't even know where the hell I was or how I got there. IT slowly wore off and I felt a little outta of it for the rest of the night and then into this morning. I went to work this morning thinking I can do it and be ok. WELL Wrong!! I got to work, I didn't have a migraine anymore, but I was moving very very very slowly, kind of loopy, and outta of it. Should have never even drove there. They sent me home. Which was not a bad idea cus I was still under the influence of the medicines they put into my IV. SO I got home today about 9:00 and I SLEPT AND SLEPT AND SLEPT some more. When I woke up at around 4:00 tonight I FINALLY for the FIRST time all week, felt like myself again. I did not have a headache anymore. I felt like I was focusing and can move and function again. I was starving, cus I really had not eaten anything in like 3 or 4 days. I drank what seemed like 6 glasses of water and 4 cups of hot tea so far tonight. And I have been on here and on the computer for a good few hours tonight. So I think I am ok now, THANK GOD!!!! I think I am migraine free for now. I hope I don't ever ever ever have to go through that ever again. It was VERY VERY SCARY!!! I have to go back in a month and let him know since yesterday how many more, if any, migraines I have and how long they lasted. I hope for my sake, I don't have anymore at all. Because they are DEBILITATING AND I CAN'T handle being like that ever again. So THANK GOD I am ok!!!!