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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I had the BEST Birthday I have EVER had in my Entire life yesterday. I loved Every single Minute of my Day yesterday. First of all, there was a 2 hour delay because of the snow. Thank God we didn't have to close School completely it would of been horrible not to go to work on my Birthday especially since I had the best day ever.

I walked into the Room at work and EVERY single Staff person in the entire school and All the Students had on Purple Shirts Just for me. Purple is my Favorite color. I wish we would have gotten a picture of all the staff together but no one got a picture of us. But anyway, I was so excited to see EVERYONE in their purple shirts and clothes.
Then if that wasn't enough Everyone gave me all kinds of Purple "things" for my birthday. I came home with about 75 items all purple. I had purple shirts, purple jacket, socks, necklaces, gloves, hat, soap, lotions, gum, pens, duffel bag, notebook, photo album, candy, blanket, light up eyeglasses, bracelet, soda, pom poms, umbrella, etc. ALL KINDS of Purple THINGS!!! I loved it. I even had Purple cupcakes, plates, cups, and napkins. Purple and #40 balloons, a #40 decoration on the wall, purple streamers on the ceiling, #40 confetti all over the place, etc. It was incredible. I had such a GREAT time. I was smiling ALL DAY LONG. Every time someone walked in the room, the kids would say, it is Ms. Patti's Birthday today. It was so cute. I loved it. I felt so loved and appreciated.
Then after a while, I put everything on and was dancing around the room with all my purple stuff on. IT was so funny. It reminded me of My GRAM!!!

I had such a Fantastic Day on My Birthday!!!
I am now 40 and FABULOUS!!!!!!

Then when school was out, we went to a bar and had happy hour. We had dinner and hung out for a while. Then we went to several different bars in the area and I DANCED MY ASS off all night long. I didn't get home until 1:00 am. And I don't even drink. LOL. But we had so much fun. About 8 of us were out all night long dancing and having a GREAT time. Then we ended up at the slots and I played $40 and came out of there with $112.00. SO I was super Happy about that.

So tonight it is Sam and My Time to spend some time together. We are going to have a DATE night~something we have not had in a VERY VERY VERY Long time. I figured since I won some money last night and it was his birthday on Feb 2nd and mine yesterday, we deserve to go out. So we are going out to dinner, see the horse racing, and then we will probably play some more at the slots and see what happens. I just want us to be able to go out and not have to worry about anything, and have a good time and relax.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

24 Hours & 12 Days!!!

24 Hours till My Birthday!!! 40 Years Old!!! Whoo Hooo!!! 24 Hours till my Big Weekend Get Away Starts!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! Can you tell I am excited today!!! I feel so incredible today and it is not even my birthday yet. Wait till TOMORROW, if I feel this good today. LOL.

12 Days till I leave to go to Las Vegas!!! Whooo Hooo!!! Totally Awesome!!! I can not wait!!!


Monday, February 22, 2010

One of the Best Weekends in a LONG TIME!!!!

I have to say and I just have to tell everyone that I had one of the Best Weekends I have had in such a long long time. It is no secret that I HATE shopping. I have said it a million times. BUT this weekend, I got my taxes back (Thank God) and I spent the WHOLE entire Day on Saturday SHOPPING!! But it was more than Shopping. I left my house at 10:00 in the morning. ALL by myself. And I went wherever, however, and for as long as I wanted to go. I went shopping ALL by myself. It was so wonderful. If I wanted to go to a particular store, I went, and when I was ready to leave, I left. I did not have an agenda. I did not have a purpose. I did not have to answer to anyone. I did not have to cater to anyone else decisions. I was ALL alone and I truly had a Fantastic day. I left at 10:00 in the morning and I didn't get back home till 11:00 that night. AND to top it ALL OFF~~~~~~ I bought 2 complete outfits, pants, shirts, shoes, and bras, and nightgowns, PLUS lunch and dinner ALLLLLL FOR Under $100.00. YES I did. I hit all the clearance racks of all the stores I went into and found the GREATEST sales. SO let me tell you about what I bought. I was so excited. I bought a Really nice Dressy type of outfit. I still don't ware dresses. LOL. But I got these black Dress pants, with silky looking stripes on them, really nice, you would have to see them. Anyway the original price on them was $54.00 and I got them for $7.00 Can you believe that? Wow that is what I said too. Then I got this silky dressy shirt and the original price on it was $32.00 and I got it for $6.99. Yea for real. Then I got some jeans and the original price on them was $29.99 and I got them for $8.99. And I got a regular shirt for $5.00 and the original price on that was $14.00. Yeah I was super excited at that point. So then I got two nightgowns buy one and get one free for $7.00. Another Clearance Rack special. Loved it. Then I got shoes and I hate shoes but I needed a pair of nice black casual shoes to go with everything. And I got black shoes for only $15.99 and the original price was $30.00 and another pair of shoes for only $11.99 and the original price was $27.00. So my point is that I had the best time ever in my entire LIFE ~~~~~ SHOPPING!!!! And I hate shopping!!! But I really wanted to go shopping on Saturday all by myself and it truly was a great day. But let me tell you that this will in NO WAY, SHAPE, or FORM convert me to a shopper. I was just in the mood to shop that day and spend some ME time alone all day. It was great. And then when I was done shopping, I went to my sister Angela's house and hung out with her for a little while talking about her upcoming wedding to Nelson. Then we played some games for a little bit. And then I finally went home it was about 11:00. Then the next day, I got all the boys together to clean the house for a little bit because after not being home all day, and all these boys in my house needless to say, the house was not up to my standards. Then when we were done cleaning the house, one of my best friends and her daughters came over to hang out and play some games and spend the day together. We made tacos for dinner and just had a great time hanging out. It was so fun. I was so happy all weekend long. It was great.
So with this shopping trip let me just tell you I STILL HATE SHOPPING!! But I am so glad I did it this weekend. I found some really really awesome clothes at some really really awesome deals and I did it ALL BY MYSELF and spent the ENTIRE day by myself. And after all the stress and busy work and meetings and all that I have had to do in the past two weeks, it was a great release to spend the day by myself.
Also I was excited to be able to get caught up on some of the bills that we have been behind on because of Sam not working. Not that paying bills is exciting, but it was nice to be able to pay some things up to date so that they aren't going to be taken away from us or be cut off on us. You know what I mean. Anyway it was a really good weekend and I KNOW Next Weekend is going to be Wonderful Too!! I can't wait. Only 4 more days until MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

~~& ~~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Birthday COUNTDOWN!!!!!

In Exactly 1 Week, February 26th, I will be 40 Years Old!!!! WooooHoooo I can not wait. First of all I LOVE celebrating my birthday. I ALWAYS Have. Second of All I will be 40 and I am in the Best Shape of MY entire Life, both Physically and Mentally. And Third of all I will be Partying with about 150 of my closest Friends. So I am SUPER EXCITED to be having My Birthday next week.

Every since I was little girl I have always loved my birthday. I can remember my mom making me feel so special on my birthdays. She used to make me little corsages to wear around all day long at school. And she would dress me up all pretty and do my hair and just make me really feel special on my birthday. She would make me my favorite dinner or let me watch my favorite tv show. We would play my favorite family game or sing my favorite songs. What ever I really really loved doing and what ever was my favorite thing to do on my birthday, my mom always let us do. I remember she made me corsages every year on my birthday and for the number I turned she would have that many "things" in the corsage. It was so unique, and only she can make it and make me feel special. Like when I turned 12 I remember she made me a corsage with 12 pieces of gum on it. And when I turned 13 she made me a corsage with like 13 life savors on it. Things like that. I don't remember the specifics of what was on each one each year, but I remember getting one every year and LOVING It. I wore it ALL day long at school all the time. And then for dinner she would make me SPARE RIBS. That was one of my favorite dinners growing up. Just little things like that that we did on my birthday really made me LOVE my birthday. And to this DAY I Still LOVE MY BIRTHDAY. I don't get the corsages anymore or have mom cook dinner for me when I get home. But I sure do get excited about my birthday. And I always remember when it was my birthday I would always want to be OLDER then I actually was. I still think that way. I always want to be older. I LOVE the fact that I am turning 40 this year. As you may know, I had gastric bypass surgery about 1 1/2 years ago. At first I was not sure that is what I wanted to do. But I was not getting any younger and I wanted to stay healthy and live a longer and healthier life. SO I did have that surgery. And I can honestly say, that is the best thing I have ever done in my entire life. I feel absolutely FANTASTIC, AMAZING, WONDERFUL and with that I am in THE BEST SHAPE of my LIFE. So Turning 40 feels EXCITING to me this year because I can actually do and feel and move and not have any problems. So that is one reason I am excited about turning 40. Another reason is that I am very very involved in my State Education Association and the Friday night, my birthday, I am going to a conference in Rehoboth Beach where about 150 other people will be there. And if you know me, EVERYONE knows me. When I walk in the room, it is like Norm from Cheers. LOL. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE knows me and says HI and hugs and kisses, and you get the picture. Well so there will be about 150 people there and on Friday, the first night of the conference there is always a DJ and a party that night. SO what more can I ask for on MY BIRTHDAY!!! Turn 40!!! Feel Fantastic!!! Dance my Ass off!!! 150 of my closest Friends!!! And at the beach for the weekend!!!

~~~So Next Friday when you wake up in the morning, Think of ME!!!! :)~~~
~~~For I will be ONE Happy 40 year old in Dover, Delaware~~~

Monday, February 15, 2010

L@@K WHO'S 14 Today!!!!

Look at those blues EYE!! Cody's Birthday is Today!!! He is Now 14 years Old!!!

Can you believe it!!! Look at him NOW Growing up like a WEED!!!

This picture was taken this past summer, I really need a new camera. But Cody has grown up even more this past 2 months. Wait to you see him when I get a new picture up on here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I hate staying in the house for too long it drives me Absolutely Crazy. I am not a stay home type of person. I always need to be doing something. So last night I posted on my Facebook if anyone wanted to go out to lunch with me. Well that didn't work. I guess everyone was busy today or didn't want to go to lunch with me. But oh well, I didn't take it personal and I didn't let that stop me. So I got up this morning, got myself together and I went out. I had no agenda, no destination, no nothing. So I ended up at Byler's Country Store. It is an Amish run store here in Dover. If you haven't ever been there and if you are ever in Dover Del you really need to go there. They just have the neatest things to look at and browse around. They have all kinds of homemade Amish food, baked goods, candies, etc. And they have all kinds of Homemade Crafts, and knick knack type of things, Collectibles. Just different things that would not normally see at like Walmart or Target. It is just a really neat store. So I browsed there for a little while, wish I had money to buy a whole bunch of stuff. I love all the wood things that have there. When I get my taxes, I want to go back there and maybe get a little something for myself. I love wood things. Anyway I came home with some homemade Amish Bread fresh out of the oven. Man the smell in my van was unbelievable. And I got some little mint things with the sprinkles on them. I love them little tiny things. And then I got some fresh cut meats there, they have the best spare ribs. Anyway after that store I went to the regular grocery store and got a few things from there and then I came home. I don't have any money and I really didn't want to go "shopping" anywhere if I didn't have any money. But it was nice to get out anyway and enjoy some fresh air and just some time by myself. So now I am home and back on the computer for a little while and then I am going to make Tater Tot Casserole for dinner. I love that stuff. My sister Peggy taught me how to make it and we all love it here at my house, except for Tyler. He doesn't like all his food touching each other and because this is a casserole thingy he won't even try it. What ever, more for us right.

Tomorrow is Valentines day and we have no plans for anything at all. Without much money to even do anything at all it is hard to do anything for Valentines day. So I am just going to make a nice dinner for us and just spend time together. When our taxes come back, then me and Sam will have a "Date Night". But until then, we are broke. So no plans for us on Valentines Day. If you all have plans for Valentines Day I wish you the best of happiness for Valentines Day and I hope you and yours have a Wonderful Time.

Monday is Cody's Birthday. He is going to be 14 years old already. So I am letting him invite like 3 of his friends over on Monday since we don't have school anyway and they can all hang out and play games or do what ever boys do and I will make a cake for him and all. But not a Party per say, because he said he is too old for a party. And then I was going to make his favorite dinner for him which is Hamburger Helper. No one else in this whole house likes hamburger helper except Cody. He loves that stuff. So I will make that for him and I will make something else for everyone else. If you ever talked to Cody he will tell you about this one time when he was at Aunt Ang's house and she made him Hamburger helper and he ate the entire pot of it, what ever anyone else didn't eat. And apparently she made like 3 boxes of it. So you can imagine how much was in there. But he loves that stuff and he will eat all of it if I let him. But I do not let him eat it all at once. He eats it and then has it for lunch the next day. So that is what Cody is getting for his birthday, friends over, a cake, hamburger helper, and a gift card for Walmart (when our taxes come in).


Thursday, February 11, 2010

What day is it?

Man I have to tell you, by not going to work all week, I am sure loosing track of what day it is and what time it is. It is crazy. I am starting to go stir crazy sitting home all the time. I am NOT a sit home type of person. I have to be busy doing and going and doing and going ALL THE TIME!!! And being home ALL week, stuck in the house, is JUST SO NOT ME!!!!! I haven't gone to work, had a meeting, or a doctor appointment or ANYTHING ALL WEEK and it is starting to drive me CRAZY!!! I really did like it on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and even into Tuesday. BUT Now, I'm DONE!! I'm sick of staying home. I'm ready to get back to work and back to my life again. I am ready to be busy and out and doing things.
My boys have been getting along so good with each other all week and it has been so nice here that it has been so quiet so I really like that part. If they had been fighting and carrying on I think I would have gone crazy by now. One thing that has been good about me staying home all week is that my house is spotless and I have been cooking a lot. But that also leads to eating too much and munching cus I am bored. But what else is there to do right?? LOL.
Anyway so some really good news right now. Sam is out there working today. He is helping one of my friends husband who owns a contracting company and he is shoveling out businesses and different places and he is getting $12 an hour to shovel and he will be doing that for like the whole weekend. He went there at 7:00 this morning and he is working till 5:00 and doing it again tomorrow. He and the guy are getting a long really really good and said to Sam that when his business picks up in the spring he may hire Sam on as a carpenter to help him out. THAT would be totally AWESOME!!!! We shall see what happens. So far so good. He is out there making a little bit of money for now and he is enjoying himself so I'm happy. The boys are outside making tunnels and shoveling out my van and making a huge snowman and just having so much fun. Tyler insisted on wearing 3 pairs of pants. I told him it is not that cold out and that he didn't have to wear all that much stuff but he said he didn't want to freeze to death out there. Kids are so funny sometime. It just creates more laundry for me which is fine, cus I am caught up in that too and I needed something to do anyway.
Tonight I am not making anything for dinner. I know right. But no we have so much stuff left over from last night and the night before that we really need to clean out the fridge so we are going to just heat all that stuff up.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No School till Tuesday

Well another big huge blast of Snow is hitting us right now and man it is so windy out there. I have never seen this much snow in all my life, one right after another after another like it has been. THIS is Crazy. AND I hear and see on the Weather Channel that another snow storm is brewing up coming this Sunday night into Monday. WHAT THE HECK are we going to do?? I'm just really Thankful that I live right off the highway if I really really did need to get out I could. But I don't have to go anywhere. I went out yesterday for a few things and I am set for a while.
They just called off school for the rest of the week here. We are not going back to school till Tuesday. Monday is President's day so it is a holiday anyway, so we are off till Tuesday. I hear there are 2 schools in Delaware where their roof has collapsed. Wow that is not good. Depending on what comes our way on Sunday and Monday, we will see if we go back to school on Tuesday. But I am not complaining. I have had a whole lot of time on my hands to do ME things. I been cleaning my house like crazy. I love a clean and organized house. I have been playing on my farm and face book a lot. I have been reading my People magazines. I get People magazines delivered because I support the Delaware Special Olympics. I have been getting People Mags for years. They always seem to pile up though because I don't get the chance to read them much. But this week, I think I have read 3 already. And I have been relaxing and COOKING. I made a killer faux Thanksgiving dinner last night. It was so good. Tonight I am making party food for dinner. That's what my boys call it anyway. I am making wings, meatballs, lil smokies, perogies, tater tots, and cut up veggie tray. I just feel like having finger type foods. I have been thinking of posting like a menu thing on here for a couple different reasons. One so that other people can get ideas for dinner and I can get ideas from other people for dinners and two so that I can share recipes for things that I really like to cook. Cus I LOVE to cook especially for other people the more the merrier. LOL. I think I need to have a SNOW party and invite all kinds of family and friends over so I can cook~~Anyone coming???

Today has been a Lazy day here. Me and Cody are the only ones awake right now. Lil Sam and Sam were watching a movie in my room and the movie ended up watching them. And Tyler was reading a book in his room and fell asleep while reading. But hey what else can we do on this snow day?? Cody is watching tv and I am on here. So it is so quiet in here right now and I love it.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Adventure

Good morning. I just realized that I have not posted anything on here since Saturday. I am slacking. So this morning it is Tuesday and Yes we are home from school again because of the snow. The roads are still very bad out there. They plowed but they didn't plow the whole road, there was no where to put the snow. So they only plowed like a lane or so for the cars to pass through. So needless to say buses can not get through them so we are off of school again today. Another day we will just have to make up at the end of the year. But anyway, we are expecting more SNOW tonight into tomorrow. I just do not know what we are going to do with all this snow. I was out there shoveling yesterday for like 5 hours. It is backbreaking work. I tell you. This morning I am so sore. But I had to get my van out from under the first snow before more got on top of it. So I am venturing out to the store before the next round of it leaves us in the house for a few more days. But one of the good things about being home all this time, is I have been COOKING up a storm. I LOVE To cook and I don't get the chance to do it too much with me working all the time. I made home made beef stew in the crock pot on Friday. I made Breakfast for dinner on Sunday night. I made home made baked ziti last night. And tonight I am making Cornish hens and stuffing just like thanksgiving. I have to get some cranberry sauce. You can't have faux Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce. LOL. So when I go to the store today I am going to get some things to make some killer dinners since I suspect we will be snowed in for a few more days.
I didn't get the chance to update on my blog this past Sunday but I did not loose any more weight again. I suspect I have hit my plateau. I have lost 163 lbs and no more. I have not gained any at all and I am maintaining my weight loss wonderfully. I am doing fantastic with all of this. I have bones I never knew I had before. LOL!!! I went from a size 30 W in pants and 3 or 4 X in tops to a size 16-18W in pants and a size L in tops. Can you believe that??? I am super excited about it. I have a ton of friends who have been giving me clothes, Thank God cus I can't afford to buy any right now. So I have a ton of clothes saved up in my closet and I can't even wear half of them right now cus you can only wear just so much. So I am doing ok on clothes right now thanks to all of my friends. I am going to take some of my taxes that I get back and buy me some snow boots though. I don't have any and shoveling snow in sneakers is not fun let me tell you.
Did I tell you that I am going to a conference the weekend of my birthday? My birthday is Friday February 26th and I am going to a conference that night in Rehoboth Beach. And that first night we always have a DJ and we party all night long. So I am looking forward to this birthday so much ~~ 1. because I will be 40 years old and I am super excited about that.
~~ 2. because I will be partying with about 150 of my closest friends. ~~ 3. and I will be at the beach with no kids, no husbands, no work, no nothing but my DSEA friends and family. I am super excited. ~~~ So while I am down there, if my taxes come in by then I plan on going a little bit of shopping for myself and spend some money on ME. Something I NEVER get to do. I always have to pay bills, or get things for the house but I never get the just spend money on myself. SO that is what I plan on doing for this year's birthday.
Well before I write a complete book, I better get off of here.

~~~Stay Safe and Stay Warm~~~More Snow is Coming our Way~~~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow, and MORE SNOW!!!

WOW!!!! That is all I can say is WOW!!! This is sure a huge Blizzard we are having. We have not had this much snow in YEARS!!! Thank God I don't have to go anywhere, I wouldn't be able to. The state of Delaware along with lots of other states around the mid Atlantic are under a state of emergency. We have so much snow out here we can't even open either one of our doors to go outside if we wanted to. And it is still snowing. We have over 2 feet of snow already and they say we are going to be getting at least a foot more before it is all done. Good thing we got plenty of food and our electric is still on. I feel really really bad, almost half of the whole state of Delaware does not have power at this time. Over 36% of the state is without power. MAN and it is Freezing out there. I feel so helpless for all of my friends and family out there without electric right now. It must be so cold and miserable out there. I told everyone to come over here if they can get out, we will just all camp out and make the best of it but no one can even get out of their house if they wanted to right now. I just feel so bad for everyone. All the food in their freezers and fridge will be going bad. They all said they are going to put their food outside. And just walk around with layers of clothes on and blankets all day. Some have fireplaces, so that helps if they can open the door to bring the wood in. But I feel so bad for so many of the people in Delaware right now. I am so lucky and blessed that we are ok. I made a big breakfast and I have dinner in the crock pot already just in case the electric does go out anytime today, at least our dinner will be done. I have stew in the crock pot. It is pretty much cooking on high all day so it will be done by like 4 or so in case we run out of electric dinner will be done. And I have a ton of PB&J and bread and cereal in case we loose our electric. It is scary though to be going through this blizzard and not have electric, heat, water, or food.
But anyway, we are doing good. Hanging around the house, getting things done that I have been putting off for a while since I have been so busy. The boys and Sam are watching movies and hanging out all day. So everyone is safe, sound, and warm right now. Not going anywhere.
I hope all my friends and family out in VA, WV, PA, MD, NJ, NY, and NC are all doing ok throughout this blizzard. I think I will be calling some of them this afternoon.

~~~BE SAFE~~~~&~~~~STAY WARM~~~

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All set for another big snow storm

Man Delaware and the entire Mid Atlantic states have sure seen their fair share of snow lately. We have not had this much snow in YEARS!! A few days before Christmas, we got like over 2 feet of snow, then a few weeks later, we got about 6 or 7 inches, then the other day we got another 4 or 5 inches on top of all that was still left from before Christmas. AND NOW starting Tomorrow afternoon and All night Friday into Saturday we are supposed to get SLAMMED with a Blizzard that they say can give us more than 2 feet of snow. DAM Delaware has not seen that much snow in one winter since 1957. And Winter is still not over yet. I don't know about you, but Dang enough is enough already. Now I know what my mom and dad and Lynn go through up there in the mountains of West Virginia. LOL. We are so not used to all this snow. So far we have to make up 3 days of school already at the end of the year and this snow storm coming this weekend, we will probably have to add more days to our count of make up days. AND then I hear we are in for another round of snow come Wednesday into Thursday. DAM where is all this snow coming from??? SO I went to the grocery store after work today along with about 5000 other people who live in Dover. MAN it was so crowed, OH MY GOSH!!! It was INSANE!!! What usually takes me about less then 1 hour from walking in to walking out the grocery store took me over 2 hours. AND I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING!!!!! Did you hear that people I hate grocery shopping and they kept me in that store for over 2 hours. After working all day and going to an appointment with Cody, yea so needless to say, when I got home, I was exhausted. So when I get home from work tomorrow, I WILL NOT BE going or doing anything until we have to go back to school again after this snow. THANK GOD because I really could use a break. I am so exhausted. I have to catch up on my farm LOL, and some paperwork and I want to read a book this weekend. I have not had the chance to read a book in a while.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am Going to LAS VEGAS BABY!!!!

I am so excited. I have just been notified that I got picked to go to the National Educational Association Educational Support Professional (NEA-ESP) Conference in Las Vegas!!! I am going to the Presidents workshop, which means that this workshop is for all the presidents of their local associations. And there are only 3 people from the whole state of Delaware that have gotten picked to go. There were over 50 people who put in for it to go. So out of about 50-55 people who put their interest letter in, I got picked to go. I am super excited. I am going on Tuesday March 9th till Sunday March 14th.
I have to say, with me being so active in my union, it sure is allowing me to travel a lot lately. I was able to go to San Diego last summer and now Las Vegas, and in July I am going to New Orleans. And is so cool. All expense paid to go and learn, have fun, and become a better leader in my local association. It is so wonderful.
AND I can't wait to find out if I have been selected as the ESP of the year in the State of Delaware. I hope to find out about that by the end of this month. Don't worry, I will be sure to post all about it if I win. Trust me!!!!!

Well, anyway, I don't know where you all live, but we are getting ready to be slammed with more snow tonight and into tomorrow. We got like 6 inches of snow the other day that is still out there and we are going to be getting more on top of that. AND I heard that we are in for a wild Blizzard like conditions this weekend and we could get like over 2 feet of more snow. OK so I have to say, I LOVE SNOW!!! BUT DAM ENOUGH already. I am so dam cold I can't take it anymore. I am always freezing all the time. But I will get used to it soon.

So just encase you didn't know, today is or was Sam's Birthday. He turned 43 years old today. We really didn't do anything at all. I had a meeting after work today and I didn't get home till about 7:30, which he was fine with, but that didn't give us much time to spend together for like dinner and movie or what ever. Because when I got home, I had to do laundry, dishes, and the boys needed their showers and now it is like time for me to go to bed. I don't have anything planed tomorrow so I plan on making him so killer dinner tomorrow night to make up for tonight. I think I am going to make him a cake too. He loves Chocolate cake. So I will have to make him that.
He is doing ok but we are still looking for a job for him. He really doesn't even work at the motorcycles place he was working at anymore. He was there for like 3 or 4 hours like 3 or 4 days a week, but he doesn't even do that anymore. They call him only when they need him and they said they don't need him anymore. It really sucks!!! We are so dam broke right now, I hate it. It is so dam stressful. We are trying our hardest just make ends meet and we are so far behind in all of our bills. It is crazy. I am just hoping and praying that we don't loose everything we have. But we only can take one day at a time.