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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My ThreeReidBoys!!!

For the past few weeks, I have just been saying that the boys are doing good, they are fine and all that. I have been posting about how busy I have been and other things like that. So today I have decided to do a true update on my Threereidboys.

~~~My Lil Sam is now 16 years old. Can you believe that? He will be 17 in June. He has his driver's license and can drive all over the place. He does not have to have a parent or guardian in the car with him anymore. I can not believe my boy is driving. He is a Junior in High School already and he will be graduating from Polytech High School next June. He is doing fantastic in school. Polytech is a Technical high school, kind of like a trade school. They go in and do all kinds of shops and trades to better prepare them for their future. I love Polytech. He is in the Carpentry field at school and is EXCELLING At it. The teacher said he has natural talent in wood working. He hopes to become a carpenter when he graduates and the good thing about this school is they line up job interviews and help find jobs before the student actually graduates so that when he does graduate he will already have a job. He is learning both outside carpentry and inside. Like building houses, sheds, barns, etc. And also building cabinets, tables, entertainment centers, shelves, etc inside. So when he graduates, he will be able to find a job either outside or inside because he will be certified to do either one. And that is fantastic in today's world. He is on the honor roll at school with his academic grades too, and the teachers just LOVE him. He is the most respectful, outgoing, loving person. He is doing fantastic. He does not have a girlfriend at all yet, he said he does not need those kind of headaches LOL his exact words. He is into working out and exercising lately too. He wants to join the wrestling team in school next year. I hope he can. I am just so incredibly proud of the boy he is and the man he is becoming. This is him this past summer, but he has gotten a hair cut since then.

~~~My Cody is 13 years old already can you believe how fast they are growing up. He will be 14 on February 15. Cody is in the 8th grade already and we just found out that he has now been accepted into Polytech High School too. He is Super Excited about that. Back in October, we did the tour of the school, and although I know what the school is like because of Sam going there, Cody didn't and he was very interested in it. So when we did the tour and filled out the application, he was so excited he wanted to go there right then and there. LOL I told him we had to wait to see if he gets accepted or not. See Polytech, because it is a technical/trade school they only take a handful of kids, they don't accept everyone. It is not like a normal public school. You have to fill out an application, have really good grades, and go through and interview. And when your there, you have to maintain good grades, and can't be a "problem" student.

Cody has never been a Problem student EVER. He goes along with the flow and a very easy going student. Very Respectful, shy, loving child. All my boys are very respectful. If there is anything I have demanded out of my children is they respect people and I think we have accomplished that. Cody is finishing out the 8th grade with honors. And he is doing fantastic. He wants to go into Electronics or Aviation when he goes into high school. He said he either wants to find out how things work, like TVs, computers, radios, etc. Take them apart and put them together again and see how they work. Or he said he would like to be a Pilot. He is very much into MATH & SCIENCE. He is so dam smart in Math and Science it is crazy. He is extremely good with his hands too. Doing fine motor activities and working with tiny pieces, he can be entertained for HOURS. He loves fiddling with things. That's why I really think he is going to go into electronics or maybe even become an engineer. Who knows but I do know Cody is a Smart, smart kid and he will go very far in life. As long as he doesn't argue with everyone. If I have to say one negative thing about Cody, is that he has to Argue Everything. He always wants to have the last word, and always thinks he is right all the time. Sam said he is definitely MY Son. (I guess I can not deny that). Oh and since this picture, which was taken in June, Cody has lost 10 lbs and has grown like a weed. He is almost as tall as Sam, he passed Lil Sam in height already. He is growing into his body. He is maturing a lot. And his hair is super curly right now.

~~~My Tyler Baby, No longer a baby anymore, but will always be my baby. :)

Tyler is 11 years old already and will be 12 in June. His birthday is the day after lil Sam's. Tyler is in the 6th grade and will be in Junior High school next year. I can not believe how fast my boys have grown up. He is on the HIGH Honor Roll this whole year. He has not gotten anything lower then an A in school this whole year. And the year is halfway over. He has always been on the honor roll in school since he started school, but he got some B's here and there, but never has he has nothing but A's on his whole report card. Like all 4 marking periods, he would have an occasional B. But this report card, he has ALL A's can you believe that? HE is so, so, so, smart. Tyler LOVES to READ. He is in the 6th grade and reads well above the 11th grade level. I would find him in his room all quite and not knowing what he is doing and he would be curled up on his bed with a book. He gets that from me, I love to read. And the stuff he reads is way beyond his age. He said he just loves to read and imagine he is in the story. He wants to be a writer when he gets older. And as long as he has loved to read and has excelled in Reading, I truly think he will become a writer one day. He even has written 2 "books" already. And of course they are of TURTLES!!! Tyler is Passionate about Turtles. LOVES turtles, wants to know everything there is about turtles, has a huge collection of turtles. From stuffed animal turtles, books on turtles, toy turtles, just Turtles Turtles Turtles. SO with Tyler's two passions in live, Reading and Turtles he may become a Marine Biologist Author. All I know is he will go far in life because of how smart he is and how much he loves reading and turtles. He is doing fantastic, the only problem he is having is with Peer pressure. Because he is so smart and wears glasses, the kids at school are picking on him so much, it hurts me to see him like this. He is depressed a lot to go to school and especially eat lunch with all of them in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is so loud and crazy and they all pick on and bully him. I hate peer pressure. Kids can be so mean sometimes. I wish he can eat lunch by himself, but he needs friends too and I don't want to isolate him. So we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't. But he said he knows that those kids are just jealous of him and as long as it doesn't interfere with his school work, he really can care less about what other kids say about him. Great Attitude if I do say so myself.

I am Extremely Proud of how my boys are turning out. They are all doing Fantastic in School. They are all EXTREMELY Respectful Individuals. And they are all turning into very Responsible Men. It has not always been an easy road, but if I were too look back on it, I think they have turned out to be Great Kids. I thank God to have them in my Life!!!!




Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Night with a cup of HOT TEA

YEAH!!! I can not tell you how happy I am that it is Finally Friday Night. As you know, I LOVE TO STAY busy, but DAM every single night this week after work and during work and in the morning and all dam week long, I have had meeting after meeting after meeting. I am not complaining in any way, shape, or form, but with all those meetings, I have not been home much this week at all. So my house has missed me. Along with keeping busy, I can NOT STAND a messy house. I am one of the most organized, neat freaks. Everything has a place and everything has to be in order, (just ask my sister Peggy). LOL. So with all these meetings, things are getting piled up at home and I NEED this weekend to get caught up. Laundry, paperwork, grocery shopping, ect. Just everyday things that I have not had that much time to do because I have had so many dam meetings this week. SO right at this moment, I am sitting here on a Friday night enjoying a very hot cup of tea (something I have become addicted to, I might say), and enjoying that fact that it is the weekend and I will have 3 days away from meetings. Next week I only have 3 meetings so that isn't too bad. This week, NO LIE, I had 8 meetings in the course of one week. Some days I had two and three meetings in one day. Thank GOD I am an organized person so I can keep things in order for each meeting I was involved in. LOL. I don't know how I do it sometimes. I have to change hats a lot during the course of these meetings because some things are for school, some things are for my boys, and somethings are for DSEA. So WOW I'm exhausted just talking about it. So I'll get off of here and enjoy my hot tea. LOL.

Tomorrow, after I sleep in, I am not LEAVING MY HOUSE AT ALL. I need a break and my house is calling me.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A very busy week

I really don't know what I would do if My life was not so busy. I don't ever get the chance to be bored. I remember when I was younger I used to always tell my mom "I'm Bored." Well mom, I am NEVER BORED NOW!!! LOL!!!

I work all day every day, and I am (as one of my co-workers called me today) a Meeting Queen. LOL. I am so involved with Delaware State Education Association. I totally believe in the Union for protection and power. So I have had meetings every night this week. And being the president of my local union sure keeps me busy. SO YES I AM NEVER BORED. IF anything, I am TOO BUSY at times. But you know what, I LOVE It that way. I Love being busy, I love being active, I love helping people and I Love what I do. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't busy. I think it must be some kind of ADHD or something, I don't know, LOL.

So if you have been reading my blog, you read that I am being Nominated as the ESP (Educational Support Professional) {teacher's aide} of the Year in the Whole State of DELAWARE!!! I am SUPER EXCITED about that. I had to create a professional portfolio to submit along with the application for my nomination . Well, I just submitted this portfolio today and It came out wonderful. I am extremely proud of the work I did on it and the work I do everyday. If I get selected as the ESP of the Year for the whole state, what an incredible HONOR that will be. I will be on a cloud for DAYS!! It means so much to me to be nominated for this position you have no idea. The next step in this nomination is to be called in for an interview. And that will happen sometime in Mid February. And the results of this selection will be by the beginning of March. I will be calling EVERYONE I know if I become the ESP of the year. I will be honored at a Banquet dinner, I will receive a plaque, a monetary gift, and I will have to make a speech and everything. I will then be the State Representative for all ESP in the state of Delaware. I will be invited to do different speaking engagements, I will do a whole lot more traveling. And then I will be in the running for the NATIONAL ESP of the Year. OH MY GOSH if that happens, WOW. So as I go through this next month or so, I will be on pins and needles waiting to find out the results of this nomination. I do of 5 or 6 other people in the state that are being nominated for this position. You have to be extremely the best in your job classification and several other criteria in order to be nominated, it is not just anyone and everyone can be nominated. It has to be like the best in your field type of thing. And you know what, after doing this for 25 years, I am the best in my field. LOL. If I win this, I want my mom and dad and everyone to come the banquet dinner to see me receive this award. I am just so excited about this right now.

SO I will keep you all posted as to how it is going.

Anyway, other then that, everything is going great here. Wish Sam had a DAM JOB though. It really sucks. One day soon I hope we find something I just don't know what we are going to do. But we are managing.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

HI From the Beach

Too bad it is too cold to enjoy the beach. But I am in Rehoboth Beach for the weekend doing a training with DSEA and enjoying the "break" per say from my everyday "home" life. We are on our lunch break now so I thought it would be nice to check on my blog, farm, email, and my facebook. LOL
I will be here just till the end of today and then be going back home tonight. Too bad I didn't have any money or anything I would be going shopping, or stay another night in the hotel and enjoy some ME time. But I can't do that right now. So I will have to go back home and back to the every home life I have to experience. LOL.
So I called Sam this morning to see how things are going at home and see what's happening. He says they boys are fighting as usual. Cody and Tyler have been FIGHTING seems like NON STOP. I just don't know what to do about it anymore. I Know when I was younger, my mom and dad said that me and Angela used to fight ALL the time too. Now I guess I am getting my payback for giving my parents such a hard time while I was growing up. BUT DAM does this ever end???? Lil Sam doesn't fight with either one of them and he is fine with all of them. But the other two, I sware, I WANT TO HANG THEM UP BY THEIR TOES!!!!!!! Sam also told me that Tyler was tired of waiting and it was bothering him that he had to wait so long that he CUT HIS OWN HAIR!!! He needs a hair cut really bad, I will give him that, but I told him I will be going away for the weekend and that on Sunday I will take him to get his hair cut but he just could not wait any more and I guess it was getting all his eyes and all. SO he took the scissors and chopped off a big chunk off the top of his head by his forehead. So needless to say, I was not too happy to hear about that. Now we have to basically give him a BUZZ cut in the middle of winter and I don't like the idea of his hair being that short in the middle of the winter. But he brought it on himself so he will have to deal with it. Kids, man what the heck were we thinking. LOL.

Anyway, I will post more tomorrow. I have to get back to my trainings and all.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday's Newsflash!!!

Well another weekend has come and gone. Can you believe how fast this weekend has flown by. I had a lot of paper work to do for this honor that I am being nominated for. And I had some paper work to do for the para stuff. SO I have been pretty busy this weekend. Can't believe the weekend is over already. But the good thing is We are off of school tomorrow because of Martin Luther King's bday. So we have another day to rest up. I got most of my work done this weekend so I will be spending tomorrow just resting and chilling. I did manage to get all of the laundry caught up, so I won't have to do any of that tomorrow. My plan tomorrow is basically Nothing!!! Lol. I am such a planner, organizer, things have to get done type of person. So when I don't have any plans it is so funny and unbelievable. But it's true all the work I had to do is caught up, the house work is caught up. So I think I am going to watch my new movie that I won on ebay. It is called Nights in Rodanthe. It is a movie based on the book by Nicholas Sparks. Not only do I have EVERY single book Nicholas Sparks has ever written, I also have every single Movie that was done based on his books. SO I just got that movie in yesterday and I think I will actually watch it tomorrow. Sounds like a plan. LOL. I feel better, I have a plan. LOL.

Anyway, again I did my weigh in and did not loose any more weight. I am going to start having to think of something else, weekly, to post about because not loosing anymore weight and posting about it will become monotous. I am certainly NOT complaining that I did not loose any more weight. I think 163 lbs lost is Incredible. And I think It is outstanding and I feel fantastic. But not loosing any more weight and keep posting about it will be boring.

It has been raining all day long today. And it is that cold, cold rain. Brings chills right through you. I have had a jacket on in the house all day long. I have been so cold. And I only went out for like an hour today. But it was so cold out there today. I hate winter. I hate being so dam cold. I have to say that since I have lost all of this weight, that is one of the side effects that is taking a long time getting used to. I am ALWAYS cold. Doctor said it is normal and will take about a year to adjust. If you think about it, I had so much insulation when I was heavier and now I have lost it all so I have nothing to protect me anymore from the cold weather. But I would rather put on a few layers of clothes then put a few layers of insulation back on. LOL. SO I am sitting here drinking a really nice cup of HOT tea, wearing my jacket and slippers and I feel really good right now.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Almost Friday

Tomorrow is Friday and that would complete a very full week of Work and Meetings for me. I have been so dam busy this week, it is crazy. I have a meeting all day long tomorrow. I am not even going to work. I am an Exec Brd Member for DSEA and we have a meeting tomorrow. SO when that is over, I will be so happy that it is the weekend. I have a meeting or an appointment ever single day after work all next week too. It's crazy how I can actually keep up with it all. I don't know how I do it either. But I do. And next weekend I will be in Rehoboth doing a training all weekend so Sam and the boys will be home alone all weekend. They will be fine just as long as there is food in the house. LOL.

Not much of anything else has been happening around here. Work, school, meetings, and appointments. Get up and do it all over again the next day.

Sam is still looking for a job and it really really sucks. He still works part time which that does help but dam it is sure tight right now, I don't know how we are going to be able to survive and keep all the things we have, like the house, the van, the electric, etc. It really sucks. I sure do wish this economy will pick back up again and soon!!!

No plans for this weekend except to finish up my portfolio for the nomination for me the DSEA ESP of the year. Other then that, I am going to hang out with one of my very best friends. She had surgery right before Christmas and she has been out of work since then and won't be back till Feb 1 and I sure do miss her a whole lot. And she is finally feeling better and able to drive (short distances) and she wants to come out of her house so dam bad. She said she needs to see other 4 walls other then her own. So her and her daughters are going to come over on Saturday and hang out and have dinner and play games and all. So that is going to be fun. Other then that I have no other plans. I just want to chill and relax and get rested up for the next full week of by busy life.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today is Tuesday, it's really Tuesday!!!

LOL every morning at work, we sing this song. Today is __________ (M,T,W,T,F) etc. It's really _________ from early morning to late at night, while we are working, while we are playing, don't forget it's Tuesday today!! (sung to "you are my sunshine). WELL I can not get this dang song out of my head today to save my life. I have been singing it all day long. I need to get it out of my head. LOL. So when I clicked on to my blog and wanted to post about today's happening, that song is still in my head. So I said~~ok that's the title of my post today. :)

Today was a silly day. I have been in a silly mood. My kids at work just are so dam cute, so dam fun, just so dam loveable. They were playing with blocks on the floor today and a lot of the times they are playing on the floor and we (adults) are up and about and moving around doing what we need to do. Well this one little boy said "Ms. Patti, come here and look at this big building" So I decided to get on the floor with them. WELL they all started pushing me down and then the next thing I know, I have 8 little kids ALL climbing on me and laughing and playing and just absolutely LOVING IT!! It is one of those priceless moments with my kids. That really made me love the day, love my kids, love everything about it. It doesn't happen very often, but it was just a spontaneous thing that the kids would remember for a long time. It was another thing to validate how much I LOVE MY JOB!!!

Anyway, for the rest of this week and all next week, I am going to be very busy with meetings and appointments and that kind of stuff so I am not sure how much posting I am going to be able to do on my blog. BUT one of my new years resolutions is to keep this blog going because I really like doing it and I got out of it for such a long time that I want to keep going this year. So I am going to try my hardest to put a couple things on here a couple times a week. It may not be every day but at least 2-3 times a week.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday's Newsflash!!!!!

Hello how is everyone doing today? Today is and was Sunday. It is almost over now. We ended up not going to school on Friday. Right after I posted that we had a 2 hour snow delay, they called us and told us that is was canceled. Which was kind of crazy since there was hardly any snow on the ground at all. But I did not complain because it gave me the chance to get caught up on some paper work and things that I have not had the chance to do. Friday was one of the most productive days I have had in a long time.
Saturday I went to visit one of my friends and we worked on my Official Resume. I have never ever wrote a resume before. I never really needed it. Well I am being nominated for the Educational Support Professional of the Year in my State. Let me explain a little about what that means. You see, if you don't know, I work as a Teacher's aide for Children with Disabilities. I have done that all my life. I have been doing that for over 25 years. Well, we are no longer called "aides" we are called educational support professionals. Well every year, Delaware picks a person as the educational support professional of the year. And that would bring some outstanding recognition, honor, and all that kind of things. It is something that if you were in my shoes and have been doing this for as long as I have been, you would want to be recognized for your work. And if I do win ESP of the year, I would be included in the National running too. Every state sends their ESP of the year to the National Education Association and I would be in the running for this recognition Nationally. So as you can probably assume, I am super super ecstatic about this. So I have been putting my portfolio together for all of the things that I need to have in order to be in the running for this. So part of this portfolio has to include a REAL Resume. And because I have never wrote one before, I needed a little help with it. And if I must say so myself, My Resume is very impressive. I sure do have a ton of experience working with children with disabilities. That is truly what I have been placed on this Earth to do. So that is what I have been working on and if I must say so myself it is coming out Really really nice. I can't wait to put it all together and hand it in. It showcases who I am and what I do on an everyday basis and shows how truly gifted I am to the children I work with. Sometimes it is really hard to write about yourself, but sometimes it is a reflection of what God has created. And I have to say without boasting, He created someone extremely gifted when he created me. Not too many people can work with handicapped children and do what I do. Not too many people can communicate with people who have no means of communication at all. Not too many people can handle the type of things that goes along with a person who has physical disabilities. BUT I CAN and I DO and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It is truly my PASSION IN LIFE. Seeing those children light up when they have accomplished something they have been working on is absolutely amazing. So when I get everything together and get ready to hand it all in, I will post bits and pieces of it on here for you all to read. ok.
On to my Sunday's Newsflash. I did my weigh in again and I did not loose any more weight. I have been the same for over a month. I think it is safe to say that I am done loosing weight now. And I am not complaining at all. I have lost a total of 163 lbs and I am doing wonderful. So I would have to find something else to post about on Sundays. LOL.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Delay

So we woke up to another day of Snow. But it was not enough snow for us to be out of school today. Not that I am complaining because I love my job and want to go to work. But the problem is, when it is going to snow, I want it to Really snow. Not just tease us. I LOVE snow. So this morning we have a 2 hour delay. So I still got up my usual time so that I can get a few things done on my computer. Since I have been back to work and back to my routine, I have not had much time to be on the computer and get things done. And being the President of the paras in my school district, I have a lot of work coming up because we are about to go into negotiations again for our new contract. So I will be very very busy in the next few months with all of that. So I am trying to get my things organized and together so I can started with that process.

So anyway, we will be going to school in a little while, and I just hope the roads are not icy. I can handle snow but not ice.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!!

It is Wednesday~~We are half way through our first week of the year 2010. How is your first week of the new year going? Mine is going pretty good actually. I could not wait to go back to work. I missed my kids so so much. It was great to see them again. I was so tired when I got home on Monday night though, I just needed to take a nap. But now that we are half way through the week, I am fine now. Back on track, back to my routine, back to the work mode again. And everything is fine.

Sam has been working FULL DAYS for the past 3 days. THAT is TOTALLY Awesome. I know it still only $8 an hour, but it is better then nothing and it is 7 or 8 hours a day. So it is looking better. Don't know how long that is going to last but we will take it for now. We are still looking for a full time, steady, higher paying job for him. BUT dam it is so hard out there right now. There is just no jobs out there at this time for anyone. But we are doing the best we can with what we have. We will survive this.

We are expecting more Snow this weekend. Supposed to start Friday during the day. Last time they said we were going to get snow, we got over 2 feet of snow. I hope we get more snow. I love snow and if is snows that much, we won't have to go to work, so I won't have to drive in it, so we will be fine. BUT I tell you, it has been so DAM Cold lately!! I can't take this cold anymore. Now that I have lost all this weight, I am cold all the TIME and you know it gets old after a while. I am wearing layers of clothes all day long at work. It is so funny.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday's Newsflash

Hello today is Sunday and it was so so so so dam cold and windy out today. I could not believe how windy it was. It felt like my house was going to fall apart today. There were times when the wind gusted over 50mph. It was crazy. And when you live in a trailer, that is not good. I went out to get the newspaper and a gallon of milk and I felt like I was going to blow away. And then you factor in the COLD AIR wow it like took my breath away. So when I got back from getting the paper I never left my house again. I did the laundry and chilled most of the day. I made meat muffins for dinner. Our nephew Robert is leaving for the Army tomorrow, and he came over to hang out and that is what he wanted to have for dinner. I asked him what his favorite meal that I cook is so I can make it for him before he has to leave. He will be gone for 6 weeks of boot camp in South Carolina. He is nervous but I think he will be ok. I hope and pray that he does ok.
So today I did my weigh in and I have stayed the same. It feels like I have stayed the same for like 6 weeks now. I have not lost or gained anything in over 6 weeks. SO I am assuming that I guess I am done loosing weight. SO unless I ever loose anymore, My total weight lost for this surgery is 162 lbs. THAT is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! I feel incredible. It has been 17 months now and I could not ask for anything else. I feel Wonderful. I feel like a whole new person. If I do not loose any more weight I would have succeeded in the goals that I have set out for myself. And that was to loose weight and stay healthy. And that is EXACTLY what I am doing. I am extremely Healthy and Happy and doing Wonderful!
Tomorrow we start back to school and work. Man I can not wait. I miss my kids so much it is not even funny. And I want my kids to go back to school so bad. They have been bored. And they have been fighting and they have been eating everything in the house. I felt like I was going through a gallon of milk in one day. Sometimes I sure we were. It was crazy. But I will be so glad to be going back to work and school and getting back into the routine again. I love routines and I love structures.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Day

This morning, we cleaned the living room. Put the tree away and all the Christmas decorations. And really really cleaned the house. It was nice to have the house back to normal. I love Christmas but I'm glad the tree doesn't stay up too long cus it takes up a lot of room. I wanted to shampoo the carpets but I didn't feel like it today. It is too cold and damp outside I thought it would take a long time for them to dry. So after cleaning the house I had a few errands to run and went to visit one of my friends. BUT DAM WAS IT COLD OUTSIDE TODAY!!! Glad I didn't have to be outside for too long. So when I got home, I didn't even have to make dinner tonight because I made some killer bbq pork chops in the oven last night. It was like melt in your mouth good and we had a few of them left so we just ate on them and that was dinner. I don't know what I am making for dinner tomorrow but it will be Sunday and my last day of my winter vacation so I want to stay home all day and make sure I am well rested before I have to back to work on Monday. I SO CAN NOT WAIT TO GO BACK TO WORK ON MONDAY!!! I MISS my kids so much at school. I have not seen them in over 2 weeks. I bet they have grown so much and some probably have gone backwards as far as their routines and all but is ok, it will take a couple days and they will all be right back on to their routines in no time. Plus I am so missing hugging and squeezing my little kids at school. I love them so much and I LOVE MY JOB SO MUCH!!! I will be so excited when I go to sleep tomorrow night that I probably will be tired on Monday but it will all be worth it.

Anyway, I just realized that me and my sister Peggy have the same background for our blogs. I guess great minds think alike. I know I love purple and anything to do with purple. So when I saw this I had to put it on my blog and Peggy has it too. That is so cool.

I did not figure out how to work my sister's camera that she is letting me use. I can take pictures on it but when I go to upload them to my computer, it says it needs to be formatted and I have no idea what that means. SO when ever one of my friends is over here visiting that knows something about it, I will have to ask them to help me.

We are still looking for a job for Sam. He still works at that motor cycle warehouse. But it is only part time-less then 20 hours a week. And it is only $8.00 an hour. Barely enough to do anything with but put gas in the vehicles and buy his cigarettes and stuff. So we have put in over 7 job applications in the past 4 days, I sure do hope something comes out of it soon. We are trying so hard to keep things going and it is so hard right now, but we have a new attitude towards life and we are doing all that we can with what we have. And it is not easy. But we will get through this.

Anyway, that is about all that has been going on here today. Tomorrow is Sunday, and it is my weigh in day. I still weigh in once a week and have been keeping track of it. So I will post how my weight loss is doing tomorrow.


Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year~~~New Blog

Wow, I can not believe it has been over two months since I have wrote anything on here at all. I guess I have been either busy or lazy. You tell me. No really, I just thought people wasn't even reading my blog anymore or was tired of it, So I decided to give it a break for awhile. I got hooked up on Facebook that I really didn't want to do any thing else. But I have kind of slowed down on Facebook now too so that I can get other things done. Man does the computer and the internet take some hours away from your day. Good thing I am still on vacation.

So Happy New Year Everyone!!! It is now 2010 and I am Hoping and Praying that this New Year is a Better year for me and my family. I am so glad 2009 is over. Really nothing was good about last year except my continued weight loss, my trip to California, my boys doing really well in school, etc. Ok so I guess I can't say that the WHOLE year was bad. But It was one of the worst years we (me and my family) have had in a Really Really LONG time. So I woke up this morning with a better attitude and renewed excitement to change things around. It is going to be a good year for us because honestly I really don't know how much worse it can get right now. Other then if one of us gets sick. But lets not think like that.

So since I have wrote anything on here, I have continued to loose to a bunch of weight. I have now lost a total of 162 lbs. I really do have to put a picture of me on here, it has been a long time. I will when I get the chance to take a picture of myself. My camera broke about a month ago and I didn't have one for a long time. Angela let me borrow hers and I am still trying to figure it out. So that will be on my to do list for tomorrow. I will work on figuring out her camera and take a picture of me so I can post a new picture of me on here.

We are still on vacation till Monday and Man I CAN NOT WAIT TO GO BACK TO WORK!!!! One is I really really really really miss my kids. And Two I really really really really need MY kids to go back to school. I bet I am not alone in that. LOL. We had a lot of snow the week of Christmas so we didn't have school for three days before our Christmas break so our Christmas break was longer then it was supposed to be. I am not complaining at all because I love snow and we really did need a break but Now I am ready to go back to school.

We didn't do too much for New Year's Eve. I do not stay up late at all ever. I am up at the crack of dawn but I can not stay up past 10-10:30 pm. So we had some friends over here, played cards, and ate junk. They had to leave before midnight because their little daughter was tired and would not go to sleep in my house. So when they left, I struggled to stay up to watch the ball drop then I was in bed by 12:15 and asleep in 2 minutes. And today was a chill out day at home. We hung around here watching movies, making dinner, doing laundry, playing on the computer, playing games. Same stuff different day.

So anyway now that it is a new year, I hope to get back into blogging again. I really did like it even though people were not really reading it. It was a way to escape and journal about my thoughts and things going on around here. I just hope people would start reading it again.