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Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Spring Break!!

Wow where has this month gone?? I have been so so busy lately. I am on my last few days of Spring Break and I have been so busy all week long. I have been out and about all week long. On Tuesday, I spent the entire day with my Best Friend Donna and we went shopping, browsing, and just relaxing. We went to lunch at Olive Garden and had a fantastic day. It was so nice to have "me" time and not have to worry about kids, house, husbands, work, or anything for the entire day. It was great. Then on Wednesday I babysat her kids for her while she is studying for her finals to become an RN. It is so much work and I am so Proud of her for accomplishing all that she has done. I know it has not been easy for her. She has 3 small kids and she is the same age as I am and she is back in school for her RN and it is so much work. I don't think I would have been able to do that. but anyway, she has 1 week left and she will be DONE!!! So I have been helping her out. So the rest of this week, I have been in and out of walmart and lowes getting things together to create my very own very first vegetable garden. I have never in my life planted a garden and I have always always wanted to. SO I didn't want to buy a rotter tiller because they are expensive and I don't want a very big garden. So we did the entire thing by hand. With a shovel, hoe, and hands. It was so so so much work. It took us almost 3 days to do it. I had all the boys out there helping me. We have tomatoes, green beans, squash, cucumbers, and watermelon. Those are the things we eat the most of in the summer besides corn on the cob but I think the park would have a problem with us trying to grown corn out here in the trailer park. LOL. So we didn't do that one. SO I had no idea what I was doing but we tried and if it all works out good, we should have a lot of stuff come up by the time summer comes along. I am excited about it.
So besides the garden, I have been busy in the house too, laundry never ends. My niece Kimbirlee is still with me and her boyfriend and so that adds to our laundry and dishes and it just never seems to end. I make everyone wash and dry it, but I LOVE TO FOLD it so I am the only one allowed to fold the laundry around here and sometimes it gets piled up because of being so busy. So I had a lot to folding to do. It is just therapeutic for me to fold fresh clean laundry. I have always loved to fold clothes and do the dishes too. EVERY single time I go anywhere to any one's house I always do the dishes. I know I'm crazy. LOL.
So Monday we go back to school. I miss my kids so much. I miss their little faces and smiles but most of all their HUGS!!! I hope they had a good week off too. When we go back to school we will have about 4 weeks left of school before summer vacation. I am not working this whole summer. I will be only working 3 weeks of summer school as opposed to the whole 6 weeks of our summer school because I am going to Chicago for 12 days and it will cut into the first 2 weeks of summer school.
Anyway, I have not been on here in like almost a month and I was reading my cousin Marleen's page and it has inspired me to just write tonight and get caught up in what I have been doing lately.
But as you can tell it is very very late and I can't believe I am still awake at this time so I am going to bed now and I hope to be able to get on here and write some more tomorrow or some time over this week.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!

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Leena said...

Wow!! Yes you've been very busy--gardening, babysitting, shopping, laundy, etc. You should take pictures of your garden once the crops start popping up and post them for all of us to see :)